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Lucy by Laurence Gonzales
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May 04, 2012

it was ok

Although this book defimitely had an interesting plot, I felt myself being pushed away by Gonzales in pretty much every line. I read this book for a college class just this semester & I really did want to like it because the plot was so different from what I've read before. But that just didn't happen. This book is obviously anti-christrian, I may not be a firm believer in God, but even I found myself being frustrated by the repeating "hypocritical christian" characters. I also thought that a lot of the sexual content/descriptions were kind of unnecessary. I feel like I hear about Lucy's breasts about 10 times. Once would have sufficed to explain just how different she is. The ending, which i was actually looking forward to getting to, made no sense & just left me absoulutely perplexed. & not in the good way. It left no deep message for the reader to decipher, and most certainly not a direct one. Lucy is not a favourite for me but I will give it that second star for the interesting idea.
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Truff YES! i also was rather put off by the same thing. I thought, and not being a religious type myself, that the religious right would be more likely to want to protect the girl then kill her or harm her. Also, the sexual aspects were not necessary AT ALL. I actually couldn't finish it.

Aaron Milavec Dear Alexandra,

I found the moral dilemma in the novel to foreshadow what would happen in our society should someone with altered DNA be released into the gene pool.... [This will happen sooner or later.]

You say: "This book is obviously anti-christrian, I may not be a firm believer in God, but even I found myself being frustrated by the repeating "hypocritical christian" characters."

The first group of antagonists in the story are not "Christians" but rather a particular subset of Fundamentalists who oppose Lucy as an affront to God's design in creation. Gonzales does quite well to give voice to their line of reasoning and it carries for me a solid sense of "plausibility." [This captures my interest because I am a religious person.]

The second group of antagonists in the story is a branch in the military who want to sequester Lucy as a test subject for examination--with military goals in mind. This may be less plausible but, nonetheless, surely not unthinkable [as explained above].

The third group is those outraged by losses in the wrestling matches due to Lucy's superhuman skills. This group is most plausible.

The ending seemed most plausible, but highly regrettable at the same time. Those who are "different" in our society have to go underground and to conceal their "difference." Once revealed, however, society becomes bitterly divided. Accordingly, Lucy, given her bonobo dispositions, has to run for cover. . . .


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