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Space Chronicles by Neil deGrasse Tyson
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May 04, 2012

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bookshelves: politics, science, war

Dr. Tyson is a busy man, so busy that he doesn't have time to actually write a book so he does this compilation of lectures, speeches, twitter updates, etc. assuming it shall suffice. Well thanks but no thanks. When I badger my local library to order this book because its "so important for the young minds of the local community to hear what this man has to say about America's history and current state in regards to science & technology" then I get this hogwash of redundant points that could of better been summed up in a newsletter, well I get ticked off! I love Dr. Tyson. I do. Came up in my Dad's neighborhood in the same generation nonetheless. Won the genetic lottery and then the token black man opportunity of a lifetime when affirmative action hadn't even been invented yet. But if he thinks I am willing to settle for a montage rambling of various harangues then well my dear friend, I am much insulted! Sure I am aware that he is in the pocket of the government and ergo the war profiteers in order to eat, but I cannot stand a hypocrit! Don't call yourself a liberal brotherman if you rattle your cup for Boeing, Lockeed Martin and Northrup! If you're so damn smart, why can you only see war as the singular means for America's scientific & technological advancement?

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