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At Witt's End by Beth Solheim
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May 04, 2012

really liked it

It took me a little while to get into the flow of this book. An initial statement would be made or you would be thrown into the middle of a conversation and then over the next paragraph or two everything that you had just witnessed would be explained. After a while, you begin to see that that is how Sadie is, she has history and since she knows what she is talking about, the reader better catch up before you miss anymore.

Sadie and her twin sister Jane, own Witt’s End a resort in Pine Cone Landing, Minnesota. Everything would be nice and fine if the story ended there, but of course, the sisters have their challenges. The first being a local bully that is under the belief that the resort belongs to him since the twin’s mother used her feminine wiles to finagle the property from his family and second, Witt’s end is where crossers come as their in between place.

Sadie has a gift, she is a death coach and if she did not guide the spirits through their death decisions in the allotted time, the crossers would never realize their death potential. They would slip into oblivion.

Apparently, if a cross has unresolved issues they cannot cross. They first have to solve the problem that held them back from crossing in the first place and then decide if they want to go back through the light or go to the parallel world. All of this has to be completed within thirty days or they will fade away all together like campfire smoke and they would never see their loved ones again. The one catch is that they must return in someone else’s light.

There is usually one death coach to an area, but after the death of a close friend, an unexpected new coach appears and it is up to Sadie to tutor and guide; and when the training is completed, the student will see a rainbow at midnight.

When I first started this book I was not so sure, but by the end, I loved the characters. This will probably be the typical three books to a series and then they are through, but I will continue to that end due to the sass of Sadie and the wonderful inhabitants of Witt’s End.

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