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Frey by Melissa Wright
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May 04, 2012

it was amazing
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I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't really sure about it when I started, because I haven't been inclined to read many books about elves, but I was oh so pleasantly surprised with Frey. The elves in Frey are definitely not of the Keebler variety. Picture in your mind Legolas from Lord of the Rings, played by Orlando Bloom. Now that is the kind of elves I am talking about. Now that we have established the hotness of the elves, let's talk about the book. Frey (short for Elfreda) lived with her Aunt Fannie, who was a mean old elf, after her mother died. Frey wasn't able to do magic, as the other elves could, and she always seemed to feel out of place. She couldn't remember much of her life before she came to live in the village. Little did she know that her magic and her memories had been bound by the Council. Despite this, Frey continued to have vivid dreams. Some of her magic was beginning to return, and strengthened after she felt lead to start wearing a crystal around her neck that belonged to her mother. The Council, fearful of black magic, had it out for Frey. Enter at this point the hot elf Chevelle. Frey felt like he was strangely familiar, but yet didn't know how she knew him. He becomes her protector and her trainer, and they embark on a journey in order to take Frey back to her origins after Frey flees the village and the Council. Their journey is filled with peril, adventure, magic, fairies, and of course another hot elf or two, along with some other very memorable characters.

Melissa Wright has done a wonderful job writing this fantasy series. It is filled with magic, heartache, and adventure, with just the right amount of romance. There is quite an array of characters, and they are well developed enabling you to actually feel like you get to know and interact with each of them . I really loved getting to know Frey, Ruby, and Steed, as well as the others. This was a fast-paced, interesting, and magical story, filled with adventure, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After finishing Frey, I immediately purchased Pieces of Eight, the second book in the Frey saga, because I was so anxious to see what happened next. I then went on to read Molly, Melissa Wright's latest release, a novella which takes place after Pieces of Eight. Conception, the third book in the series is due to release later this year, and I am really looking forward to it. If you enjoy magical fantasy reads with a mix of adventure and romance, then you should enjoy Frey.

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