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Dead Is the New Black by Marlene Perez
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May 03, 2012

Read on May 03, 2012

How normal is normal? The book my review is on is Dead is the new black by Marlene Perez. This books genre in young adult fiction. This book is about Daisy Giordano who has psychic parents and siblings. She is a seventeen year old girl who is dealing with her first boyfriend. Daisy is considered a normal that just means she isn’t a psychic even though the people around her in her family are. She is a normal but she is going to help her mom solve a series of attacks in there town of Nightshade, California. Daisy’s sister who is a psyhic is hired by Daisys mother who solves crimes because of her powers to investigate a bizarre murder of a girl in there town. Who is doing the attacks and what is there motive find out when you read the book.

My opinion of Dead is the new black by Marlene Perez is that the book is in a range of ages of 13-15. This book has more then one different genre because they have a romance between Daisy and her first boyfriend and they have a mystery to solve because of the murder in there small town in California and the main character is a teen ager so another genre would youbg adult fiction. Even though there is more then one genre all came together and played a role in the book. I learned about family and in this book there family came together to find this attacker. ) This books main character Daisy also has some problems of her own she is a teen and a high schooler and in her high school it’s like a game of follow the leader and Samantha Devereaux is the leader and queen bee. Being dead became fashionable approximately fourty-five minutes after Samantha “the divine” Devereaux came back from break (Perez 1.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 because I liked it but it was also slow moving in some parts and then the author would speed it up and I wouldn’t even know what I read. I like when the author moves at the same pace all the time because I would just be getting used to it and then it would change. I also didn’t like how there was so much drama and how she would talk about only her boyfriend for parts and then go into the mystery.

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