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Passion At Dawn by Chris Almeida
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May 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read in October, 2012

Passion at Dawn
Authors: Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey
Published: Oct 1 2012
File size 245KB Pages 52
In the third Countermeasure: Byte of Life, Trevor and Cassandra Bauer have settled into married life after facing the bumpy road to the altar. While Cassandra looks for ways to spice up their love life, Trevor questions his efficacy as a husband. His insecurities are compounded by the constant threat of Nathan Nelson, her old friend and past lover, who can't accept their marriage as final.

A brand new marriage, personal uncertainties, and a good dose of alpha geek jealousy make for a volatile mix. When a phone call spurs him to lay claim to what is his and give Cassandra the fantasies she craves, Trevor reacts like any hot blooded man would. The result is a steamy room, slippery bodies, and Passion at Dawn.
They had me at the title of the first chapter: Let’s talk about Sex. Come on, that has to eye catching! Cassie and Trevor show us their Byte of Life in a different version of Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus, opposite in thought but united in action. “Trevor, Cosmo, isn’t always wrong!!!!” I kept shouting at my Kindle; as Cassie and Trevor found ways to ignite their passions around their daily lives. It always amazes me what a simple conversation can stir up in the minds of people, Trevor’s included. We get to see a whole new side to Trevor, which will spark conversation amongst their fans.
Their daily lives that involve their work, relationships with each other as well as other people, helping build a stronger foundation for the stories we crave, making them very three dimensional. We find clues and hints to the interpersonal relationships between the characters leading us into their next adventure in To Russia with Love. The love scenes are passionate and enjoyably messy, filled with something deeper as Trevor is reassured of his status and position in Cassie’s life. As always, I enjoy anytime I spend with Trevor & Cassie as they allow this voyeur to explore their Passion for life and each other. This is a very well written small taste that deserves 5 stars, take a Byte out life and join Cassie and Trevor in theirs. Caution::: Slippery when Wet.
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