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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
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May 03, 2012

did not like it
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I have made a resolution not to search for books on goodreads anymore, because inevitably, the ones with higher ratings are ones that are liked by Bella-Edward fans, who write in their reviews "YAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! HEART LOVE HEART LOVE ."

This book has a very cliched and boring premise: Good girl intrigues bad boy; bad boy tricks good girl into "hangin'" with him, bad boy falls in love with her.

However, I thought to myself that such a cliched storyline could not POSSIBLY have garnered such a high rating if it weren't special, right? Plus, that cover is pretty awesome -- I'm thinking to myself, Is the butterfly trapped in the jar representative of the characters in the book? Symbolic of societal issues?

Answer: I didn't get far enough into the book to find out. Basically, I didn't get even as far as the "good girl intrigues bad boy." What happens in the beginning of the book is that this good girl is somehow always pulled by her friend America to events, including an underground fight ring. The first fight she attends has the main guy "Travis Mad Dog Maddox" as a combatant. He does nickname her some really weird, random nickname, Pigeon, for no reason at all. I mean, does she look like a bird b/c she's skinny? Does she tilt her head to one side when she's thinking? Does she have beady black eyes and poop on statues? NOTHING is revealed as to this mystery.

Moving past that, let's discuss how such a "good girl" would be friends with America, who's hanging out with what I'm assuming to be kind of shady characters (um, such as a combatant in an underground fight ring?)? We're also led to believe at some point that Travis has aced his literature class. Also, the first time the main girl (I can't even remember her name) is tricked into eating with Travis is totally nonsensical -- granted, she made a promise to Travis to go to his dorm, but she went with America and her boyfriend. Granted, she did not have dinner, but how is she in any way obligated to go on what turns out to be a date with Travis??? Please, can we just call her the way I see it? A big giant hypocritical LOSER??

The book is incredibly lame. Let's assume that Travis is the hottest stud in the world, sprays himself regularly with Axe cologne so that women are undressing around him and fall at his feet. I went to a high school with 2400 people, and there were TONS of hot guys everywhere. Seriously, we had some male models at my school (I realize not everyone has hot people at their school, but I really did. My yearbook looked like an Abercrombie advertisement), and no matter how hot or studly these guys were, I NEVER saw any girl (or two girls at the same time openly vying or) gaping after Travis Maddox in the fashion described in this book. I mean, we're assuming that alcohol isn't openly consumed on the school campus, right?

So, either every girl is drunk (and maybe doing drugs as well, hallucinogens, probably), or Travis Maddox is actually an alien sent to infiltrate and impregnate the human race, one college girl at a time. Which would make for a far more interesting book, if you ask me.
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Kara This review is awesome! Axe cologne - that was a brilliant touch!

Juuh Palmeira OMG I laughed so hard! loved your review

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