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Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein
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May 02, 2012

liked it

3.5 stars - Bouncing between 3 and 4. What a train wreck! But I did enjoy it quite a bit.

If you're prepared to sit down for a cute, fun read, guess again. This was one of the most ridiculous - though not in a bad way - books I have ever read! Just when I thought things couldn't get bizarre, it does!

Amy was messed with some truly messed up situations. A mother who was overbearing, but in such a weird way that you can't help but be surprise how put together Amy is considering the circumstances. Her crazy prom night. A lawyer who makes crass jokes and was SO (sarcastic) helpful in Amy's case. A gyno who is actually her great uncle. Her crazy "Brittney Spears weird" escapes during her punishment. Even the big confrontation with Aaron had something bizarre happening.

On one had, I didn't really like it because I felt it was a little bit too much to the point where it doesn't make it too realistic. I mean, come on, her parents throw her out so she goes and lives with a coworker she barely knows.

On the other hand, despite her flaws, I LIKED Amy and her sarcastic sense of humor. Unlike other characters written like her, I did not find her irritating or annoying at all. I didn't really sympathize with her, but I found her crazy life really entertaining in a twisted sort of way.

I will say this though. I thought the book started out great! It was funny, and I kept saying, "OMG, what's going to happen next!" Then it kind of lost its momentum, and I did think the end was a bit rush. I mean she spent so much time away from Lila and Cassie and even Joe, that I was left thinking, "That's it?" Especially with Joe because they had left so much unsaid between them. Still, I'm glad that things ended the way they did.

So overall, this was a cute, fun read - well as cute and fun as you can get with a cross between and wannabe-angsy-but-actually-just-lost-because-of-low-self-esteem rebel.

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Heather Hi there,

I apologize if you've already reviewed this title on Amazon, but if you haven't, can you please go on there and post your review on there as well?

Thanks so much for all that you do!

~ Heather Riccio, Senior Publicist

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