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Mondays with Mary by Sam Oliver
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May 02, 2012

it was amazing

Mondays with Mary

Author: Sam Oliver

Within your heart lies the inner most thoughts, fears and desires live. Life does not always present itself in the way we would like and we have to learn how to deal with its many obstacles on our journey from beginning to end. Jim was a counselor working with many patients in a Hospice setting and hopefully providing them with the ability to analyze their thoughts and allow their emotions to come out from within in order to be able to evaluate their life experiences. Not an easy task. Jim often visited another dimension while asleep which allowed him to release his own tensions, feel the weightless of in his body reduced to that of a feather and allow him to experience peace. Author Sam Oliver creates a world for Jim while sleeping so beautifully described and depicted with the Gardens below him, the mountains, water and the lakes so amazingly clear that you feel that you are experiencing it with him. You can hear the splashing of the water, see the ripples as if someone dropped a pebble and viewing the magnificent horizon and then a vision of a man took hold and he was no longer alone. Imagine being in the Garden Of Gods and Meeting the Angel of Promise. Just why he was drawn to him will now be revealed as the Angel explains he is concerned about he unrest within Jim’s heart and the need for him to communicate it with him.

Amazing to think and understand the within all of us the Angel shares is a secret garden you call life. This garden helps you to connect to “ all that ever has, is and will be.” This secret garden will allow you to find the place your soul calls home. Within this garden and your heart you will understand your inner thoughts, feelings and dreams that can relate to your life everyday. Jim needed to find and visit his creative side and for this he contacted his friend Elizabeth who ran a volunteer program. She then introduced him to a man named Larry and from there things would change for Jim and his perspective on life and how to help others would too. Looking for the good in a person and showing how to expand and appreciate their lives is part of what Larry does.

Jim meets Mary as a result of Larry taking a leave of absence and Elizabeth thinking that they would work well together. Mary is special. She has very little time left and yet she understands life and its true meaning. What she teaches Jim about the importance of taking time for his emotions and himself we all need to do. What she teaches him and they share about the Angel of Promise and how this special Angel encourages them both to embrace life, their inner most thoughts and how he needs to take time to really hear what others say, look deep within his heart, breath and focus harder on the words of others in order to help them is precious.

More than just words a hard concept for most people to understand. Mary explains that Jim needs to release his control of his environment with words and let the language of his soul emerge into unconditional love and your mind will expand. As Jim recalled his feelings for his first grade teacher he realized that what he really learned and felt was the joy of learning that she imparted to him and her students. Ms. Bee did what we hope all educators would do and that is placing in the heart of all learners/students the love for learning and sharing her knowledge with them. Jim learned more than that this Monday as you will learn when you read it for yourself and open your mind to find your creative imagination and soul. What we do in life should not be what others expect of us or require so much effort. Jim loves to write and one assignment for a paper would change not only the way he sees life but his perspective about what he wanted to do in life.

When I write a review the words seem to come to me as I place on hands on the keyboard and allow my thoughts to flow naturally without even thinking about the words that are being written. Someone once asked me how I could read a book and find the soul or understand the author’s message. After listening to both Jim and Mary I think I final understand something that I never really thought about before. When you open your heart and “allow Eternity to breath in through you your mind and heart are expanding these moments are called Inspiration.” Making a different in this world because of his writing is why he is here and sharing his feelings is like a bridge between Heaven and Earth. He now understands a many writers might not but will after reading this book that we /Jim are vehicles to explain the awareness given to us in words and create them in written form. The rest of what he learned and how he began to understand the meaning of imagination you need to read in the chapter titled Your Creative Imagination.
Close your eyes and you too might here the Angel Promise. Listen to your heart, silence your mind and heart the wisdom it brings into your life. Within all of us is a choice maker that allows us to choose what you want out of life. That choice maker, Mary states through the author is the Real You, which is your eternal nature. The time between visits seemed longer to Jim as he missed seeing Mary and longed for his visits. We have all done reviews of books, shows we have seen or even events that we have experienced. But, how many of us have taken the time to do a Life Review? How many of us spend time saying What if I did that differently, what if something changed when we know in our hearts and mind that will never happen? When you finally understand a life review you will find a place in a broken heart and allow it “ to heal on the level of soul what could not be done in our physical lives.” As Mary can no longer communicate Jim needs to listen closely and understand that he will always hear her voice and she will always be with him. Can you feel her presence? Do you see her face? Do you see the Golden Light? Death is hard to deal with and the living sometimes needs to understand that they have a purpose in life that they need to share. The ending of the book is quite telling and different from what you might expect and one person can only teach the final lessons that Jim learns. What Jim learns you will have to read for yourself when you open your heart, mind and soul and find the place where unconditional love exists and your most sacred thought and desires exists. As Mary says: break free of conditions and you too will know where she is and exists.

Author Sam Oliver gives the reader much to think about and a unique perspective on how we should deal with many different situations in life, how a relationship, even a short one with someone that is dying can enrich our lives forever. Monday’s With Mary is a special book that will help anyone that wants to find their inner you, real you and unconditional love and that place when you read it you will understand where Mary is and where Jim has already learned. When your creative imagination enters places you remember from your youth allow yourself to open you heart and mind and take yourself on that journey with Jim, Mary and allow yourself to be open to some many wonderful life-changing possibilities.

Fran Lewis: reviewer


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