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Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready
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May 02, 2012

really liked it

I decided to hold off on reading “Shift” until this final book was released so I could read the entire series at once. I re-read “Shade” and loved it all over again. Then I read “Shift”. Hmm. Not quite as happy. Kind of angry about the romance actually. I was so disappointed with both Zach and Aura by the end and all the relationship baggage they had accumulated that I really didn’t even feel like reading this one anymore. I had some serious doubts that they could make me root for them as a couple again. At the same time, I really wanted to get some answers on the Shift so I decided to trudge on. I have a feeling I should have taken a breather because my bitterness over the last book may have been hindering my enjoyment of this one. Every time they mentioned the prom it was like a poke in the eye. Every time Aura had a flash back to some romantic mystery date they must have snuck during the whole three days they dated, I had to roll my eyes. I will say this for the author, even when I don’t like her plot choices, I’m totally sucked in and engaged and sit at work (I actually work in Hunt Valley) wondering if I could possibly get away with reading in the bathroom. Plus she has great taste in music. So overall, I enjoyed this series but all the romantic conflicts - even with the side characters (Siobhan, Connor, Mickey, Megan, Dylan – why – just whyyyyyy??) were tiring.

On a side note: I spent most of the book overly curious about what exactly happens in Area 3A. I was imagining all kinds of horrible torture scenarios so when we finally find out the gig, I was kind of - huh? Alone in a room with BOOKS and meal delivery– can I go? I sometimes fantasize about being stuck on a deserted island with my kindle and a solar USB charger (usually when someone is talking to me while I’m trying to READ) so I wasn’t feeling the trauma.

On a second side note: Dylan, you’re one of my favorite characters, but even thinking about being in a relationship with your brother’s ex (who he was in love with) is lame, awkward and really kind of gross. If it doesn’t break some sort of man code, it should. There are plenty of fish in your 16 year old sea – move the fek on. I’m only surprised the author didn’t hook him up with Becca as well. How do I get a job as a beta reader – seriously???


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