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You by Michael F. Roizen
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Sep 07, 2008

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I listened to the audio of this book, and I was getting frustrated because there were so many milligrams, micrograms, and international units of this or that mineral or vitamin or acids that I should take on a daily or weekly basis, that I should be noting down - but, being on the move listening on the go to this audiobook, I couldn't very well easily do so. So I felt the nuggets of golden secrets to lasting health slipping away from my grasp one after the other as I heard them come one after the other with no chance for me to stop and rewind and get a pen and piece of paper to write each of them down as they came.

Until, to my delight, the authors summed it all up in one place in the last several sentences of the audiobook, and with sudden joy I conveniently wrote down the words of wisdom toward a long life, as follows:

- nine handfuls of vegetables and fruits a day
- 1 ounce of nuts a day
- whole grain bread daily
- three servings of fish a week(salmon, tilapia, catfish, mahi-mahi, flounder)
- ten tbsps of cooked tomato or tomato paste a week
- two glasses of lowfat milk a day
- glass or two of red wine a day (optional)
- 800 micrograms of foliate supplement a day
- 500 IUs of Vitamin D supplement a day
- 1200 mg of calcium supplement a day
- half a regular tablet of aspirin a day (162 mg)
- the recommended number of glasses of water a day (forgot)
- 400 mg of "something" a day (I couldn't decipher my scribble on the note paper)
- avoid white stuff like cream sauces, white rice, white bread
- avoid high fructouse syrup
- avoid processed foods

There you have it. I listened to the explanations for why we should imbibe (or not) the above substances into our bodies, but it's too long of complicated scientific explanations (but throughly believable), and so I think the succint summary above suffices for my use.

Here's to our health.

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