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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
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May 01, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from June 07 to 09, 2012

Few spoilers but mostly me just rambling on about HOW FREAKING AMAZING THIS BOOK IS!!!

2 Pages into this book I was hooked. Allie is an AMAZING character - I have this thing where I can't read a book if the main character is whiny but Allie is a survivor. Right from the start. the action starts right away so we don't have this dull beginning - its like WHAM, WHAM WHAM AND MORE WHAM.

There are certain things I LOVE about this book:

1) The reactions are realistic - Seriously, Im sick of reading books where the characters go through hell and say something like 'oh fiddlesticks' Seriously? Would you say 'oh darn' if vampire cornered you? Allie and other characters are like 'fuck' or 'Oh shit' and I love it.
2) its from a vampires POV - a vamp who is a GIRL. Most of the novels involve a mighty man vamp and a helpless 'Im a wimp' girl and its always from the 'Im a wimp' girls pov - WHICH ANNOYS ME SO MUCH! This novel switches those roles around and its a breath of fresh air!
3)Allie is sometimes annoying but mostly a brilliant main character

With the characters it was one of those 'see things from their pov' things again. I always try to do this or I'll end up hating them. Like Ruth, for e.g, I didn't hate her. I've seen loads of reviews like 'god, I hate Ruth, she's such a bitch' but no. I think she's just human. She reacted the way most teenage girls would act and, although I didn't want her to have the ending she had, I though she kind of deserved the heroic death she got it proved my point - she was not a bad person. She was perceived as jealous but at the the end of the day she protected her 'family' right to the end.
What I thought was brilliant was just as Allie lost what WE judge to be humanity - a heart beat - Allie found out there was a LOT MORE to humanity that just having a heart beat. She seemed to become MORE human when she became a vampire. Which makes you think 'what truly makes us human' the message of 'we can choose who we want to be' was constantly projected through ALL of the characters throughout the book. I saw people like Stick and Jeb more MONSTROUS than Allie.

The pace to this book was topnotch. It wasn't too fast and it wasn't to slow, it was EASY too keep up with the story line without getting bored or frustrated. There were times when I thought it dragged on a bit but there were very few and they were out shone by EPIC moments so it didn't really matter about them.

What would of made this book MORE amazing was if it had been a little more inventive with the whole vampire side to it. Its the whole wooden stake through heart/fire can kill us/behead and we're dead deal. I wanted it to be different. New and inventive. But....never mind. Everything else in this book makes up for the negatives.

As its 1am I shall wrap this up. The ending. I FREAKING LOVED THE ENDING TO THIS BOOK! I was wondering how she was going to end it and thought this could end horribly wrong or be amazing and it was amazing. It certainly gets me wanting to read the sequel anyway! AND I MISSED KANIN!!! Hes like a brother/teacher/father all in one to Allie and I think she really needs him back. He's AN AWESOME character!!


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Reading Progress

06/07/2012 page 26
5.0% "DPOILERS!! First impressions: Im hooked. In fact - I was hooked 2 pages in. I love Alley! I ALWAYS look for amazing characters and I can tell already that shes going to be a kick ass character. I hate whiny characters who can't handle themselves - Alley is a survivor. SHE READS THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE! Stick is really annoying. Remember me saying I dont like whiny characters?? Hes whiny and annoying."
06/07/2012 page 40
8.0% "just finished chapter 2. Oh my god - this book!! I love books that jump straight into action and Im already hooked. I think this is one of those books where I'll be finished tonight. Or not considering I have stuff to do. But I'll sure try! Its so good! Im only on page 40! Bah!"
06/07/2012 page 73
15.0% "I love that this book has loads of swearing - REALISTIC REACTIONS! Seriously, Im sick of reading books where the characters go through hell and say something like 'oh fiddlesticks' Seriously? Would you say 'oh darn' if vampire cornered you? This book is brilliant. Its engaging. The pace is quick, theres always something happening that makes you want to read on. It also sort of reminds me of'I am legend'- with vamps!"
06/07/2012 page 84
17.0% "SPOILERS!!
up to Part 2 -chapter 5
Oh nooo, so much death =( but Im guess the vamp is going to be the super gorgeous love interest? I'd probably have chosen to be a vamp as well in the light of 'life' and death but still I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but then...if she'd died there would be no story so....I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS to whiny stick who has REALLY ANNOYED ME! I wouldn't be able to handle him!!"
06/07/2012 page 111
23.0% "SPOILERS!
I love the fact shes not a helpless human in love with a strong vampire - shes NOW a strong vampire herself. To many stories involve a weak human girl being protected by a a strong powerful man and that annoys me. I DONT like the fact this book is cliche! Its the whole wooden stake through heart/fire can kill us/behead and we're dead deal. I wanted it to be different. New and inventive =("
06/07/2012 page 136
28.0% "spoilers!!
I love the relationship Ally and Kanin have - She's sarcastic and has a brilliant attitude and he's the frustrated teacher trying to protect her. He's more of a big brother to her I think. I was looking through the book to see how many other 'parts' there were and theres a different 'part' each time her life changes dramatically which is brilliant. I want to know what happened to stick!!!!!"
06/07/2012 page 168
35.0% "well - I always did think stick was a dick. An annoying whiny dick at that. SPOILERS but ooooooooh my looooord whats happened to Kanin? ahhh! Its 11:45pm and I have work tomorrow morning so I need to go to bed but I want to know what happeeeeeenns ='( and whats with that creepy weird vamp who goes all poetic? =S"
06/08/2012 page 225
46.0% "Dragged on a bit when she was travelling and I got a bit bored but then it picked up again - I want to get at least 70% before I go t bed tonight"
06/08/2012 page 292
60.0% "this book is like one big long camping trip with the risks of the living dead attacking you every five seconds - It sounds like bags of fun."
06/08/2012 page 341
70.0% "OH NO! ='( le cries! Poor Allie! I love that we see this from a vampires pov though! To many stories about helpless girls falling in love with vamps - this is a breath of fresh air =')"
06/08/2012 page 359
74.0% "OH.MY.GOD.ZEKE! Now THAT was horrible to read! It takes a lot for me to yell at a book and throw it across the room! I WAS LIKE 'DAMN IT ALLIE - GET UP OFF YOUR FREAKING ASS AND STOP THAT VINDICTIVE HORRIBLE ASSHOLE' but alas - she stayed crouching in the shadows."
06/08/2012 page 402
83.0% "PAGE-TURNER its 1:16am and Im super tired so I have to stop but OH MY GOD! This book is so good! Seriously - got out and buy the freaking book now!"
06/09/2012 page 450
93.0% "The pace to this book is brilliant not to fast and not too slow..its just perfect. Its not dimmed down either, not like other ya books I've read. Some bits are a bit predictable HOWEVER they're outshone by the 'le gasp!' bits =D"
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