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The Pelican Brief by John Grisham
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Two supreme court justices are murdered on the same day. Everywhere people are speculating on who might have committed the crime and for what reason.

The President sees this as a chance to reshape the court. Eight of the justices will be republicans and this could change the direction of the country for years to come.

Darby Shaw is a bright law student at Tulane and thinks she knows the reason for the murders. She researches her opinion and publishes her findings in a document called "The Pelican Brief."

She is a student and lover of law school professor Thomas Callahan. She gives a copy of the document to him and he shares it with a friend in the FBI. Soon after, Callahan is murdered and Darcy becomes a hunted person.

John Grisham is an excellent story writer and master of creating suspense. The reader can empathise with Darcy who doesn't know who to trust but continues her attempt to expose the killer at the risk of her life.

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