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How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling
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Amy Hardwick knows all too well the reputation of William Darcett, also not quite so affectionately called "The Devil", and she's steering clear away from the handsome rake. She's on her last Season and decides to make this one to deviate from the earlier Wallflower years. And she succeeds becoming the fashion darling of the ton with her beautifully designed gowns.

Will is cut off from his heritage and cannot no longer travel abroad away from his meddling family. To cook up a scheme to get out of the mess he's gotten himself into he and his scoundrel friends think seducing Ms. Hardwick an heiress to 50 000£ upon marriage might just do the trick. But who knew he might have actually have few decent bones in him after all.

Seduction, schemes, courting and betrayal make this novel a must read!

I have found my new favorite Historical Romance author! Vicki Dreiling writes a fun, lively set of characters in an era that could leave a modern girl cold, Amy and Will battle their wits and wills against each other in a game of seduction, betrayal and love in 1818, and it's addictively readable! I have to say I'm picking up the two in the series before this!

Even though How to Ravish A Rake was the third in the series that I haven't previously read, it was a brilliant stand alone, even the previous characters weren't too serial, they felt like genuine supportive cast - but I imagine the people who have read the novel one and two it's wonderful to see them again... because I do wait to see Amy and Will in the next novel!

The plot was excellent, it was filled with little subplots and with lots of witty lines and dialogue, charming manners and seduction. For a Historical Romance this was very fast pace and active, and I liked it a lot, not too many chats over tea for me, I need the action! And How To Ravish A Rake had it!

Both Amy and Will were lovable, even though thoroughly handsome Will was questionable there for a while, he seriously was a rake and had very little care for anyone else's feelings, but then doing the right thing suddenly changed him in my eyes and even though he didn't reform then and there he become lovable instead of just interesting. And Amy, I was so rooting for her and her little business with the dress maker!

I wish I could tell you about all the things I loved, but that would giveaway too much and I want you to live this through with Amy and Will, but there are tons and you won't be disappointed! The seduction, schemes, courting and betrayal make this novel a must read for all Historical romance lovers!
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