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it was amazing
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::EDIT:: 12/01/12 -- NAILED IT!!! WowWowWowWow!

Yeah, yeah. I didn't like book #13 (Ghost Story), but I love this series and its characters. I'll give it a chance. I got some push-back that I just didn't like change. I like change. That's been one of the great things about this series. It plays out over time. It's been 12 years since the first book and it's been 12 years since those events have happened to Harry. He and most all of the main supporting cast have changed and grown. Not always for the best, but they have changed. I just felt that it was kind of a cheap trick and cheap way to shake up the series and boost its sales. I thought it insulted me as a fan and Butcher's characters. I don't mind big events happening, I don't even mind when a book mind-f@@ks me, as long as it serves a logical and greater purpose. As long as it makes sense. I can still like the series and still enjoy the books after it. I just didn't like what the author did with that installment. I don't think it caused Mr. Butcher any sleepless nights. ;)
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message 1: by Tyler (new)

Tyler I don't see how it cheapened anything. Everything in the story fit perfectly with no plotholes. Harry was being Harry, beaten, worn and worried less about his own well being than others. Murph and most of the other characters stayed who they were with only minor changes in greivance. Molly was the only one who truly changed and that's not just because of harry's death, though that had a big role in it, but she also had leansidhe breathing down her neck, which we all know is just GREAT for a young mind. while it's only my 4th or 5th favorite book in the series it's still a wonderful masterpiece mainly because it showed Harry is going to be who he is, no matter what.
Also, what happened to all that "I'll sleep when I'm dead." talk harry? Still looks like you didn't get much sleep.

Sandra Totally don't get the dislike of Ghost Story. It was a natural progression (he's not going to defy death forever), as is his having to face and deal with Mab and her obsessions. If you're referring to how he died, I can't believe you didn't see that coming.

David Monroe I did see his death coming and I knew *who* would really be behind it. I also knew that because of the death curse from DEADBEAT, he would be alone. I get all of that. I just don't like the way he did it. I'm a fan, but I'm going to express my dislike as much as my likes. I've read every book, short story in the series. I've heard Butcher read. I disliked the TV series as not only was it not true to the characterization but also it didn't ring true to the spirit and voice of the book series. I would have liked it if it had at least tried to do that. I don't blame Butcher, it's TV. They'll ruin anything. I've recommended the series to a lot of folks over the years. I've blogged about them. Tweeted them and written Amazon reviews. For me, I felt it didn't work. I see GHOST STORY as an abberation in the series. Like the graphic novel from Thomas' POV. It's in continuity, but sort of sliding out of it a bit. I get people who liked it and I wish I had. I hope I will the next. I expect to.

message 4: by Llsbear3 (new)

Llsbear3 I rate almost all of J.B. work with 5 stars, but there
is always the exception. Ghost Story at the most 3.5

Sandra I disliked the TV series...

I don't watch TV but have friends who have bugging me to watch it on DVD because they loved it. Thanks for the warning, I'll pass.

I'm just trying to figure out why it failed for you since it was actually one of my favorites in the series. If I was going to pick one I disliked it would have been Fool Moon because at that point I genuinely disliked Karen Murphy, (although Changes didn't thrill me either, not because it was poorly conceived, it wasn't, but the ending just was...over my limit I guess, although I suppose it was a spectacular way to get rid of a no longer useful character).

David Amarasinghe I saw it as a way to push time forward and let a few other characters grow in the background. I had a hard time with it too, but ultimately I'm excited to see where we go next =)

Robin Ghost Story was my least fave too. I don't need to hash out why here, but you are not alone - a number of my friends feel the same way. It was definitely a middle act...and a middle act not done well.

message 8: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I absolutely love the Dresden Files, going without sleep when the new books come out. I have reread the series over and over since discovering it, midway through the series. I can count many a sleepless night from each chapter pushing to the next, BUT Ghost Story was another story. It felt odd. It wasn't just change. Characters need to grow and change, but it seemed a completely different series. The characters were nearly unlikeable. Everything that made me want to read in the past was missing. In truth it didn't take me hours to read Ghost Story, not even weeks. I actually put it down and months later still had not finished it. My husband finished it right away, as did my brother, but both of them felt it was "off" and not up to par of the previous books. It was almost like taking Harry Potter, taking away his school, his friends, his enemies, and his magic and what do you get? A boring one dimensional character and Dresden has NEVER been one dimensional.

David Monroe Stephanie wrote: "I absolutely love the Dresden Files, going without sleep when the new books come out. I have reread the series over and over since discovering it, midway through the series. I can count many a sl..."

Yes. Exactly. This.

message 10: by Ed (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ed Fleetwood Forced to agree on Ghost Story. But I also agree on the development of characters throughout the series. I'm just re-reading Storm Front, and the Harry we meet there is very different to the Harry in Changes. I'm hoping Cold Days is a return to form for Jim and for Harry!

message 11: by Jeff (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jeff Pfeiffer Although I thought the book was interesting in that Butcher introduced new rules on how the dead function in his world, I quickly began to realize as I was reading it, there's no way Butcher was going to keep Harry in this state, and it was a matter of how he escapes death. Again, an interesting concept, but yeah, I can see why you'd felt a let down and perhaps a bit manipulated by it all. It's not one of the best of the series, but I suppose it adds to the mythos of the Dresden world, and could become useful for later plots. I'm sure gamers who play the rpg Dresden Files would find it particularly interesting as far as future game supplements are concerned.

David Monroe Good points, Jeff.

message 13: by Jeff (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jeff Pfeiffer David wrote: "Good points, Jeff."

David wrote: "Good points, Jeff."

Thanks. : )

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