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Titan Magic by Jodi Lamm
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Apr 30, 2012

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This author really, really, really likes to keep you guessing. Which can create some nice suspense, but you gotta give me something delicious to snack on along the way or Ima get cranky. Reading this book felt like being strung along on crumbs.

It seemed like it wasn't until well into the book that things were starting to be explained. But even then, it was hesitant. I felt confused a lot. And the reasoning behind keeping everything secretive from the MC felt flimsy at best. Oh, and I couldn't figure out how old these characters were supposed to be until close to the end. The MC often seems like a child, but romantic advances are made upon her frequently. The romance in this book isn't really romantic. It's odd and....confusing.

The MC was hard for me to really like. Because of the nature of what she is, she isn't a very feeling character. She's kind of blank. She barely reacts to anything happening around her, and any feelings she does have aren't really hers. This was another thing I didn't fully get until the last 15% of the book.

The writing was good enough, but the world building/mythology was just too inaccessible. Was this a castle and horses type world? The women wear gowns and corests. There are swords and bows and arrows. But then there is a mention of airships dropping bombs and the characters frequently used more modern lingo like "doll face". Plus, the rules of Titans/chaos/golems were confusing and fed to the reader in very small doses. I still have questions.

The ending was fairly exciting, and it was nice to finally start to make sense of things. Really, I think Titan Magic has a unique/interesting concept. I just felt kept in the dark for too long. And the nature of the characters made it difficult to care for them.

I will give kudos to the author for creating a story in which you don't know who to root for. Her world is not a black and white one, and I respect that even if it leaves me feeling a bit ambivalent about it all.
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