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Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers
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Apr 30, 2012

it was ok
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Read from May 22 to 24, 2012 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** Personal Demons was okay. But this second installment was horrible. I made it half of the book when I couldn't take it anymore, I started to skim. I can't believe this book got more rating than the previous one.

**Spoilers Alert**

Where to start? Oh, Frannie Frannie. I didn't like her in Personal Demons. I still didn't like her in this book, and I think I hate her now. I don't understand why she was still blame Luc when she knew that he was seduced by Lili. Her brother 'an angle' couldn't resist it. How come she expect Luc, a demon turned human, to resist it. I was furious when she still called it cheating even she knew who was Lili. Speaking of Matt, I wasn't sure he was truly a guardian angel. His behavior was like a jealous teenager. He was willing to make a deal with a demon to get rid of his sister's boyfriend who he didn't approve. At least he tried not to mention his sister to keep her safe but seriously, even human know enough not to do that mistake. The demon's boss wanted his sister, surely the demon would find out about her eventually. [sigh]

Luc's POV was the only thing that kept me reading/skimming it through the end. Though the more I read the more he was getting on my nerve. Seriously, if he didn't said he was seven thousand years old I would think he was just a normal teenager. He didn't act like he was that old. Being lack of attitude and all. He thought because of him staying there, more demons will come and it will drew attention to Frannie. One paragraph he said he should stay away from her, the next he went to meet her because he couldn't stay away from her. Staying away from her didn't make the demons stop coming since Lucifer wanted her in the first place. What he must do is stay to protect her. These two were busy blaming themselves for everything that happened. It would be great if they stopped thinking that everything was about them and talk to each other about how to solve their problems.

I was blown away at the last Matt's POV. He thought it was Frannie and Luc's fault he was in Hell. Oh, my God. He was the one who fell for Lili. He was the one who let his desire distract him from is duty. He let Lili become his first priority. So much with a guard angle. Gabe seemed like a good guy when he left because he knew it wouldn't end well if he stay. But choosing an angle in training to fill his spot was a mistake. Not to mention break to rule that an angle can't be a guardian for their relative.

The minor characters still have no personality.

At the moment, I decided not to read the next book.

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