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Tate by Linda Lael Miller
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It was very bland and almost boring.
It also had my least favorite pet peev --> a hero that got somebody pregnant while with the heroine………and then married her. Like we live in the 18th century and parental rights and custody are not determinable without marriage.

Plus, really, that whole cheating drama was never resolved properly.
It was almost swept under the rug half of the time, just to surface in the most inexplicable sentences imaginable…like:

Except for telling Garrett and Austin about the car accident that had taken their parents’ lives,and telling Libby that he’d gotten another woman
pregnant and meant to marry her,
relaying to Isabel the news that Pablo was dead was probably the hardest thing Tate had ever had to do.

So basically, on one side is the love of your life, the girl you are in a relationship with.
And on the other side is a chick that got pregnant on a drunken one night stand.
I would have understood if he went and told Libby what he did (and SHE subsequently dumped HIM), but for him to go and dump her in order to marry the pregnant chick is just...just...completely unrealistic! And pretty much unforgivable!
Who does things this way????!
Tate apparently. The "hero" of this (not very) FA-BU-LO-US book.

Doing right by your kids? Sure!
Marrying the mother only to divorce 6 month later? Uh-huuuuh...
What ever for? Just so you could stomp all over the heart of the girl you dated for 5+ years?

He hadn’t been married to Libby when he’d gone
swimming in the romantic equivalent of a shark tank, letting things go way too far with the wrong woman, but they’d had an understanding. She’d trusted
him completely, and he’d betrayed that trust.

Oh. Ooooh.
So, you have to be married in order to be faithful? And sure, there is an understanding when it comes to relationships, but then again….wait!
What, in the name of all that is holy, am I talking about?
And what iin the world prompted the author to write this utter maddens??? You have an understanding when you are in a relationship, but if you brake it and get somebody else pregnant -hey! What the heck!- You were not married, so no big deal??????


No. Just... NO.
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Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ Where on Earth are you finding these... these... books? O.o

Dinjolina See that no 11 as the series number?

Once upon a time these series were made out of pretty good HR books.
Ask me how it now sports shitty contemporary. Ask me. I dare you. Because….


Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ :/ Well, I guess (judging by the rating) many enjoy this kind of shitty contemporary! O.o

Dinjolina Let’s not talk about that rating. It makes me MAD

Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ Sorry... it will NEVER be mentioned again!

Dinjolina Grawr. :)

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