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A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
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Apr 29, 2012

it was amazing
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I had approached this book with trepidation because of many lukewarm reviews and disappointment in this book. Like most reviewers, I loved the first three books and worried that the series' quality could not last. After A Storm of Swords, I couldn't help myself and dove right into this novel. Surprisingly, I ended up loving it. Really loving it! Maybe because the book has been out for a while and I already knew that Tyrion and Daenerys weren't in it, I didn't suffer for years waiting for the next installment and then finding my favorite characters weren't in the book. I already knew they wouldn't be there. I was not put off by the book's length so that wasn't a problem. I was able to savor what is actually in the book.
The story opens not long after A Storm of Swords ends. Cersei is now ruling the kingdom with a nine year old boy who enjoys playing with the king's stamp and signs everything she puts in front of him. Tyrion has escaped from the black cells with the help of Jamie and killed their father, Tywin. It fills her with terror that he is loose and anticipates Tyrion killing her. Jamie is more wary of Cersei and doesn't want to resume their relationship. At the Eyrie, Sansa has become Alayne, Petyr's bastard daughter and is a companion to Lord Robert, a boy who acts younger than his years. Brienne has gone into the heart of Westeros to search for Sansa Stark as she pledged to do for Catelyn Stark. Arya has also changed her name to Cat. She is attempting to join a mysterious order which insists she give up her former self. Living among these strange people who feed her and cloth her provides solace because she believes her other family members are dead and Westeros has not provided safety for her. Sam Tarley on the Wall is motivated to chase the comet with Aemon Targaryen who believes it is a prophecy of dragons and travels to some of the free cities. There is even a small subplot involving a princess of Dorne and a Knight's Watchman who is guarding Princess Marcella, daughter of Queen Cersei and Jamie Lannister, her twin brother. Jamie is dealing with his help of Tyrion, who murdered his father and apparently his son, Joffrey.
Like The Sopranos, many characters come near each other but don't meet. The exception is KIng's Landing where the characters visit the castle. I believe many action fans may be disappointed by the lack of progression of the story but I found pleasure in getting to know the characters, some of whom were small footnotes in other books or existed not at all. Martin has an extensive knowledge with Medieval history and language. With my Kindle Fire, I was able to look up the meanings of words, some repeatedly because it was not cumbersome to do so. It helped with my understanding of the book immensely. The background of Westeros which resembles the backwoods of medieval times highlights how dangerous the woods were in general and even more so in wartime. The characters who try to move around the country are not safe and criminals, robbers and knights were to blame. The cultural understanding, language use and geography knowledge Martin has is a boon to the novel and places his characters in a world that is almost real. Magic and organized religion would have been mixed together and been very real to these people. Most of all the heart of the characters such as Brienne, Arya, Sansa, Sam and Jamie are clear. Cersei is believable too. I am curious how the TV show will organize this book's story if it gets that far but it can certainly alter the arrangement to fit in the most beloved characters as well as the new. There has been talk of filming more than one season at a time and this might work. Overall, I loved this book without hesitation and look forward to reading the next book. Then I will be waiting for years like the early fans.

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2.0% "Had to start."
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7.0% "So far so good. Cersei is entertaining."
April 30, 2012 –
15.0% "So far I enjoy the book."
May 1, 2012 –
19.0% "I am enjoying it so far. Wary because the 4th didn't get good reviews. But I know going in Tyrion and Danerys aren't in the book."
May 1, 2012 –
24.0% "Many female characters in this book. Good and bad and inbetween."
May 2, 2012 –
37.0% "I really do enjoy this book! Very strong women characters and the struggle to take on "men's "roles in leadership."
May 2, 2012 –
48.0% "Loving the book! Not bad at all."
May 3, 2012 –
56.0% "I think this book is great! I love the character development and the medieval knowledge that went into the book. Martin has good knowledge of geography, culture and magical, religious beliefs. Nice. The humanity always comes through."
May 3, 2012 –
65.0% "Cersei is a jerk. Jamie is a good guy. Brienne is a true knight."
May 3, 2012 –
67.0% "Finally, someone recogonizes Tyrion as being his father's son,thus a great leader."
May 3, 2012 –
70.0% "I love this book. I'm glad that Aemon knows that Daenerys is the chosen one to rule and told Sam before he passed. Love Sam too."
May 4, 2012 –
81.0% "Still really impressed with the book. I think it must have frustrated the action fans because the book focuses on characters and their internal struggles."
May 4, 2012 –
91.0% "Like The Sopranos before them, Game of Thrones or Song of Ice And Fire doesn't tie up but leaves plenty of loose endings. Will it ever? Or like life, it will go on. Books are a lot like those tales of medieval knights of long ago. Maybe that is why it is called a song."
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May 17, 2014 –
23.0% "Reading again while watching Game of Thrones"
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31.0% "I know I'm different but A Feast For Crows is one of my favorite in the Song of Ice and Fire series."
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May 28, 2014 –
55.0% "Still really like this book!"
May 29, 2014 –
62.0% "Still good, maybe better."
May 29, 2014 –
62.0% "Brienne is determined to find Arya. This book is like The Odyssey."
May 30, 2014 –
69.0% "Arya is blind."
May 31, 2014 –
75.0% "Brienne's face eaten by Biter."
June 3, 2014 –
77.0% "Edmure Tully is saved by Jamie along with his wife and unborn baby."
June 3, 2014 –
79.0% "Cersei becomes murderous against Margarey, including accusations of incest with Sir Loras. She is convinced Tyrion is coming back to kill her."
June 4, 2014 –
81.0% "Marcella is permanently disfigured in a battle where she was trying Tp run away from Dorne and proclaim herself queen over Tommen."
June 4, 2014 –
89.0% "Cersei sets up Margarey to get arrested for adultery, but somehow she's arrested on suspicion of murder and adultery. Tommen is upset."
June 5, 2014 –
90.0% "Jamie frees Edmure Tully from the Freys to bring back to king 's landing."

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