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Awakening by Karice Bolton
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Apr 29, 2012

really liked it
Read from June 24 to 26, 2012


I did not know anything about Awakening before I read it. I now know it is a story about Arie, Cyril, Athen and Ana, white demons, the children of Fallen Angels. It is a story of good demons vs bad demons, in the name of keeping humanity from making bad choices.

I loved the setting, the snow town of Whistler. We start this story with Ana , who works at the Grizzly Bear Lodge as a server. The beautiful couple Arie and Cyril are sitting in her area, an instant feeling hits her upon looking at them , she is not sure what she is feeling.

Enter Athen, The Gorgeous , the brother of Arie, and this story takes off with the title of this book being, ‘Awakening’. Ana is going through an Awakening.

I loved Arie and Cyril, they are so loving, and Athen is so patient . I appreciated Karice giving Ana information at a pace that the reader could handle too. There is quite a depth to Ana and Athen’s life.

In saying that, sometimes I felt too much time may have been spent with the more mundane things in their lives. Shopping , eating out....I get that the baddies would surface and we would learn about ‘posers’ and the lesser minion baddies, but sometimes I thought the story could have been speeded up. I felt that Cyril and Athen handled things too easily sometimes, I would have liked a bit more action .

I loved how caring and protective Arie, Cyril and Athen are with Ana. This is a great group of characters. As the reader you really feel the love Athen has for Ana.

There is a mystery involving missing hikers and a snowboarder that weaves itself in the background of Ana’s awakening.

I am interested to meet head baddies Azazel and Asmodeus and ‘Serpent Eyes’ more, hopefully in ‘Legions’. The title of book 2, has meaning in this book.

A nice couple twists are thrown into the storyline that I didn’t see coming, which is always nice and an ending that will have you grabbing for ‘Legions’.

Matilda is a cutey and a faithful friend. I enjoyed ‘Awakening’ and look forward to reading more about this ‘family’ of white demons. I liked the whole concept of the white demon, I thought it was very clever and original.

I would love to read these in paperback , the covers are gorgeous, as I found the digital format on my ereader a tad annoying to read as I had to zoom in to maximum and I was forever scrolling the page.

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