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Harmonious Home by Judith Wilson
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Sep 05, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: books-that-irritate-me, read-by-virtue-of-proximity

ARGH!!! My brother always has these friggen, shnaggen books around his house and I always read them despite my better judgment and before you know it my, once seemingly fine, little house seems like an uninhabitable pathetic excuse of an existence. Well you know what? I'm done with that. DONE I TELL YOU! If you, too, are looking for a more realistic guide to how to decorate/organize your life, then read on and pat yourself on the back because I think you'll find that you too can embrace these simple solutions to the complicated lives we all live:

Do you take copious amounts of photo's? are you looking for an organizational system that you can both embrace and feel good about? Try this simple solution: mound them in huge pile, shove them in multipule boxes (make them cardboards- that's the feel good part: they're recyclable) and tuck them nicely into an empty closet

So you had the cute little seating area set up at the end of the garden with the tikki torch positioned just so, for quiet conversations with a friend while everyone else enjoyed the fire and friendship in other parts of the yard, so it got a little neglected:

Leave the apples! let them rot, embrace the cider vinegar smell. It's nature, don't be ashamed of it.

As a matter of fact. While you're at it, start a compost pile. but don't rush things. start slow. Just get those food scraps in a bowl and set them somewhere convenient (say for example right outside your back door next to the dressing table you got at a second hand story, that you and I both know you're never actually going to re-finish).

Now let's take a look at practical refrigeration techniques. You're going to want to save time by not actually removing purchased items from their original bags, create drama and interest by putting milk on it's side so you have convenient spills to mop up when annoying neighbors are dragging out the small talk and above all else SAVE THE BANANAS no matter how brown and gross they get.

and while we're in the kitchen, let's not forget about ambiance. I find that filling flower vases with actuall flowers is so passe' why do that when you can stack the previous nights bottles AROUND the vase and draw attention to the fact that your life is pathetically lacking in the type of friends that bring you flowers when they come for dinner but abundant in the type of friends that will drink every last bottle of wine you own.

and speaking of wine, let's head to the bedroom. How often do you hear about lack of closet room? Hello! I'd like to introduce you to a little technique I like to call "dress and drop".

I think you'll soon fine that merits of both dressing and dropping your clothes in the same spot, not only opens up loads of closet space it also makes for much shorter range of travel in your bedroom in general, thus allowing you to more quickly jump in bed with your books, your music or whatever else it is you use to sooth your self into a unconscious slumber and forget what the rest your house/life actually looks like.
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message 1: by Jackie "the Librarian" (last edited Sep 05, 2008 01:21PM) (new)

Jackie "the Librarian" I ♥ Marie

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I saw a few subtle references to myself in there.

Malbadeen what? huh? That could be anyone of my friends you know. Maybe I was talking about Tricia (ha ha ha)

message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell What a pretty wine bottle display. The colors.

Jackie "the Librarian" Marie, this is SO hilarious, it could be a book, like Amy Sedaris did with entertaining!

message 6: by Pam (new)

Pam What I want to know is, once you get a room to look like one of those books, how are you expected to live in it and have it stay the same??

message 7: by Manny (new)

Manny Beautiful review. Though your refrigerator is embarrassingly tidy and well-organized, compared to some I've seen. OK, I'll give you a point for the bananas...

message 8: by rachel (new)

rachel  misfiticus Hm, it seems I don't need to change a thing about my apartment/life, according to your feel-good review. Especially when it comes to those damn 'projects' that have been sitting around for years... and the bananas.
Well done review!

message 9: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Marie, I adore you!

(Yes, by all means, keep those brown bananas. Just put them in the freezer because you fully intend to make banana bread. Then forget about them for two years until you're looking in your freezer scrounging around for something to eat. FYI...pretty icicles grow on them.

message 10: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I heart your cute red toes!

Malbadeen I forgot about this review and I have to say, seeing my refrigerator again is cracking me up and confusing me. Why I had 2 milk containers is a mystery to me. I don't drink milk (perhaps it was in my home-made icecream phase that usually led more often to homemade curdled milk than actually ice cream-?).
And the beer! Pabst?! huh? don't know why I was so completely stocked up on that little delicacy?

But Michelle, I love that you do the freezer banana thing. Personally I like to keep them in there until they are dried up enough to be more of a weapon than an edible.

Amanda - ahhh shucks (I hadn't noticed that before).

message 12: by Matthieu (new)

Matthieu Dorm room...

message 13: by Tracy (new)

Tracy This is sooooo funny!! I make banana bread with brown bananas but I also freeze them!

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