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Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian
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Apr 29, 2012

really liked it

Rio is a warrior at the end of his tether. Haunted by his past and betrayed by his Breedmate, the woman he loved, he wants nothing more than to fade into oblivion.

Dylan is the spunky reporter who asks too many questions and doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

Rio finds himself attracted to her but knows that no woman would ever truly be attracted to a man as badly scarred, emotionally and physically, as he is.

Then there is the awful truth that an Ancient One is still alive and somewhere in the world. And an evil Gen one is determined to take advantage of the Ancient One in order to gain power …. The Order want to stop him but they need to find him first.

Dylan’s Mother is dying of cancer whilst Dylan is trapped in a world of secrecy and confusion. And like all Breedmates, Dylan has a gift … one that not many people would envy …

The series continues to deliver … romance, sex, action … it has it all. Like all the other books you have the story of a Warrior Breedmale meeting his Breedmate amid the larger story of The Order trying to protect humanity against the evils that it is in ignorance of.

I enjoyed this book with the exception of the decision to set a sex scene in a church. It could have been set in any dis-used building and I didn’t like the decision to have an alien vampire romping in a holy place. It seemed disrespectful. I hope that there are no other scenes like this or I may have to reconsider continuing the series, despite my enjoyment of it.

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