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Altered by Jennifer Rush
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Apr 29, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2012

I was intrigued with Altered the second that I saw the ARC at TXLA. How can you not be instantly attracted to that cover? Then I read the synopsis and knew that I wanted to read this book ASAP. I wasn't able to score a copy at TXLA, but the lovely Stephanie, from Steph's Book Corner sent me her copy. I started it right away and had a very hard time putting it down.

My favorite part had to have been the characters. Sam, Trev, Cas, and Nick have been prisoners in a lab for the past five years. They have no memory of their lives before the lab, and the only person who makes their lives bearable is Anna, the daughter of the man who runs the lab. She provides them the things they want, such as books, foods, and even the special type of conditioner that Nick uses. I instantly wanted to know as much I could about these boys. Who are they? Why were experiments done on them? I so needed to know the mystery behind the boys captivity.

It was hard not to love each boy, even Nick who was always acting like a jerk. There is Sam who was their leader. Sam is secretive, smart, and hides every part of himself to those around him. Trev, who loved reading Classic literature and was Anna's best friend. Cas, outgoing, fun, and always brought light to every situation and lastly, Nick who is basically angry all of the time. I didn't learn as much as I would have liked to learn about the boys in Altered, but I am hoping we will in future books! I think out of the boys, Cas was my favorite. I can't wait for his back story!

When the boys escape from the lab, Anna goes with them on their search of trying to figure out what the hell happened to them. I liked that she helped the boys, but she was a little naive for her own good. I actually couldn't stand her for most of the story, she was too annoying for me. Even when Sam was the biggest jerk to her, she didn't even question it, which really angered me.

Altered was very fast paced and I loved that about it! The writing was very good and I never knew were the story was going to go next. Once you think you have something figured out, Jennifer Rush goes into a completely different direction. Altered was very original and full of action.

I think Altered is a book that would appeal to both teenage boys and girls. Described as a mix between Prison Break (a show that I loved!) and Dollhouse, I can definitely see the comparisons!

Altered is not to be missed and worth checking out when it releases.
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