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Into the Woods by Kim Harrison
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So far only have read 'Temson Estates' which was a non-Hollows short story in the HarperVoyager sampler from Comic-con. Now waiting for 'Pet Shop Boys' which is also a non-Hollows story from the anthology that will be released early as an ebook on September 4th (Almost 2 months early yay!). 'Tempson Estates' was entertaining but not super special. It's about dryads and her explanation for their existence is kinda cool (in a I'm pretending really hard that I am not actually a biologist sorta way cuz magic is far easier to accept than unsound biology explanations being used to explain magical things when it would actually make more sense to just use magic with a lil bit of bio flourishes for an explanation instead...). The writing was engaging as always. It is possible to see how cool this new setting would be if she decided to expand on it into a new series, but ignoring the potential for beyond what we actually get to read, the story itself was just okay. Basically, if this was all I knew about her work I wouldn't be buying the anthology. But I do & am sooo buying it even though I already own all the previously published stuff cuz I buy her books twice (for the shorts in the paperbacks & also to extend their lives with less rereading of a book till it falls apart)! I have high hopes for 'Pet Shop Boys' though because that short is about vampires & even though I've totally been over them for almost a decade at this point, she usually manages to make something tired feel fresh and awesome. And vampires CAN be awesome again! If only the trend wold actually die so the glut of stories being published about them would die out as well & all that's left is the good stuff again. Sadly the teenagers don't seem to be quite ready to let go yet so the rest of us can move on...sigh going off on another tangent sorry. Anyways...more to come once there is more to read :)
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