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Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright
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Apr 28, 2012

it was ok

Run-of-the-mill shifter PNR. The writing is on the side of simple, with a plot we've all seen before. The definition of mated pairs gets twisted by the end, and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. One very strange group sex scene ruined it for me. What confused me the most was how an excessively possessive and dominant Alpha would go from growling at anyone who looked at his mate, to passing her around like she was a bottle of Jager at a Frat party.

It makes no freaking sense, as in, it didn't ring true and it wasn't in line with character's previous actions or the any of the scenes before or after. It's as if the scene was altered at the last minute, in order to check some imaginary erotica box. What also doesn't add up is the fact that a strong-willed woman would allow this to occur (again, it doesn't ring true to the character's previous actions).

Warning: Erotica, homosexuality, Group Sex, Sodomy, and what I perceived as Forced Sex.
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message 1: by Jolyn (new)

Jolyn He lets other guys sleep with her in front of him? I heard this was a good rec for jealous possesive hero's.. I don't get why they have to throw that in.

message 2: by Steph (last edited May 04, 2012 06:46PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Steph Not exactly sleeps with her. I don't want to give out too many spoilers, but since I think this book stinks b/c of this.. The whole scene is a head scratcher, b/c Trey is so possessive, he goes crazy when someone looks her way or gives her lingering looks. But for one night, his friends can sample the goods I guess. In order to keep some semblance of ownership, he tells them they can't cum in her mouth, and he is the only one that can perform intercourse with her. He also makes her say demeaning things throughout, that reiterates his ownership. (BTW, this is all his decision. He never asks her permission for this impromptu gangbang.)

For his b-day, Trey was a given a 1hr sexual free-pass from his new mate. Picture this. You prepare for a night of romance with your newly acquainted mate, in the special lingerie you just picked out for the occasion. While in a heated embrace, your man tells you that in about 5mins all of his friends will be rolling in to have a look see and participate. He justifies it by saying that he knows she finds them attractive, and since they could die at any time, it would be a nice little gift.

Suffice it to say, she is forced into performing fellatio on all of them during the entire night, while her man does her multiple ways. And when she wanted to say no to Sodomy, since it's not something she has ever experienced before, he tells her that she has little choice in the matter. He then has his friends hold her down during the act, while another shoves a penis in her mouth. At the same time, his remaining friends are engaging in homosexual acts off to the side. This book is written in 3rd person, but we are let into the fact that she is tired at this point and has very little interest in performing fellatio again on another random guy, during what was a "special night" with her man.

That's the quick and dirty of the scene. All the scenes following, completely ignore that this ever took place. It just doesn't fit.

message 3: by Jolyn (new)

Jolyn Holy crap!! Why?!? Thank you soooooo much for posting about it in review. I can now stay away from it. Phew.. Sounds awful. I hate it when authors do that.. Like Lorelei James.. She'll just throw that in there out of blue. I always get spoilers before I read them to see if there's any ménage. Thanks again.. :)

message 4: by Jolyn (new)

Jolyn Oh yeah.. And then after all that she's just okay with him?

message 5: by Steph (last edited May 04, 2012 06:29PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Steph I don't have a problem with reading about sex, but the author completely changed the personalities of the characters, just for this one scene. Their actions are not in line with either of them and I find it appalling when a author builds a HEA/mated pair dynamic, then shoots it to hell.

There is no we/groups in mated pairs, at least in my definition. Love triangles are fine and conflict is necessary, but you don't pass around a person you are mated to, like they are a whore you paid for-for the night.

message 6: by Steph (last edited May 04, 2012 06:41PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Steph Jolyn wrote: "Oh yeah.. And then after all that she's just okay with him?"

Afterwards, I mean the very next morning, she finds out she conceived a baby the night before, with all those men's penises stuck in her mouth. The only mention there is of the event is them stating that it was sweet that the guys got to witness conception. Other than that, it's as if it didn't happen or the scene was magically changed by the end.

azerjaban "The definition of mated pairs gets twisted by the end, and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth."

I think we can agree on that, and even reading your quick and dirty of the scene, still makes me gag a little..

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