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Night with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory
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Apr 28, 2012

Read in February, 2012

For the month of February I humbly present Night With a Perfect Stranger! It's written by David Gregory as the sequel to his first book, Dinner With a Perfect Stranger. In the first book, a man without hope is invited to dinner by Jesus of Nazareth, and the two have a life-changing conversation. For all those who have read The Shack, the first book has a similar concept with a different setting: it takes place in a highbrow restaurant in Cincinnati. The sequel takes place six years later, when the main character Nick Cominsky seems to be nearing the end of his spiritual high. He's been to church and attended the study groups, and yet his spiritual walk seems to come to a standstill. Its at this point that Jesus again comes to Nick's rescue, this time finding him alongside of the highway with no gas in his tank. The conversation they have this time is very different than the first, and is more suited for Christians who are tired of their religious routine, and hungry for a deeper relationship with God. While the first book answers questions for unbelievers, this book answers the questions of any Christian of any age who wants to walk closer to God on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book to all those "bored" believers out there. In this book you'll discover a deeper meaning to God, and you certainly won't be "bored" anymore.


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message 1: by Janette (new)

Janette Mapes This looks good. Does this series need to be read in order? or can you read the 2nd book first & not be lost in the series?

message 2: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette Blackson There are actually 3 books...Dinner With a Perfect Stranger, Day With a Perfect Stranger and Night With a Perfect Stranger. In my opinion you can read them in any order and it would not matter!

message 3: by K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K. L. I agree, this is a pretty terrific book. Just wanted to let you know that this week, the ebook version is on sale for $2.99 at online sellers.

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