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Spellwright by Blake Charlton
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Apr 28, 2012

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to spell - To form words by means of letters.
a spell - a verbal formula considered as having magical force

Blake Charlton cleverly combines these two meanings in his debut work, where words are magic and magic is made up of several magical languages (that feel a lot like programming languages).

Spellwright has a very creative magic system, which is at the same time interesting and totally weird. Magicians are called "spellwrights" and"authors", some are “linguists”, some “grammarians” or “librarians”, they get “censored” (their magic gets sealed) if they do something wrong, modifying an existing spell is called “editing”, they fight against the corruption of human language by demons, etc. It takes some getting used to, but it is something new in the fantasy genre.

The rest of the story is pretty straightforward classic epic fantasy, with prophecies, a chosen one, good vs evil. Overall, Spellwright is a decent fantasy work. For me, it just lacks that certain something to really make it special. Somehow, I never felt the urge to continue reading. The characters are all nice enough, but none is truly memorable.

If you enjoy classic fantasy tales a lot, Spellwright will give you a familiar story with some fresh air to it and should therefore be worth a try. It can also appeal to younger readers and those new to the genre. For others it might be rather boring, as it unfortunately was for me. By no means a bad book, but not impressive either.

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