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So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane
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did not like it
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The magic and wizardry content in this book was just too strange. It's totally possible to write about things that are different from what we experience in this world, but to write them in a way that you understand what's going on. In this book, though she uses analogies that don't help make things any clearer. When I stopped reading, for example, the 2 young wizards are creating a thing to plug a hole in a thing to keep out a grey cloud that they somehow know wants to eat them (clearly I couldn't tell what was going on). The analogy she used to explain what the situation was like, paraphrased: "It was like a cement rose unfolding, or like being at a party where everyone wants to tell you their life story." I just was stumped by how those analogies work together, and also by how that was supposed to explain the situation.
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message 1: by Jacqui (last edited May 17, 2009 04:04PM) (new)

Jacqui I could not agree more!! None of it made any sense!! I could not finish this book, and took the entire series (I got ahead of myself by thinking I would love them) back to the store and got my money back! I have an open mind and can usually understand sci-fi stuff.. but this was too much for my mind to comprehend I guess. I vaguely remember the kids creating a "bubble" of some sort to make themselves invisible.. that whole scene made no sense to me!

Bonnie I have friends who absolutely love this series, but obviously my mind doesn't work that way. I was just lost!

Adam I think Duane is being deliberately vague on purpose, because the magic they were performing was pseudo-tangible.

But I agree with you too! It's a really weird method of interacting with the reader, especially when the book is directed at kids. Kind of.

It tries to direct itself at kids and then uses strange concepts that kids wouldn't know about (entropy anyone?)

Plus, as a scientist, I find this whole "slowing down entropy" business really far flung, and how it relates to Wizardry as discussed in this novel is BIZARRE to say the least. Then she takes the oath that says she has to ensure the universe lasts as long as possible, but then goes out and uses magic to get a fricken pen?! And Tom and Carl don't find this strange or unimportant in the least????


message 4: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rodriguez I'm stuck on page 83, I don't think I'm going to get any farther.

Tria I don't get how not talking down to kids confuses adults - you are an adult, right? Entropy's not a hard concept to grasp if you've never met it before, the way Duane describes it. Physics is my worst subject and when I first read this, it felt far more accessible.

Perhaps how you feel about it has to do with reading it out of its targeted age range. Not that you can fix that.

Sydney Humphrey Not to insult anyone, but I was eight when I read this for the first time and didn't have a problem understanding...

Cheyenne Same here. This was one of my all-time favorite books in elementary school. I grasped it completely.

Jannah (Cloud Child) I agree with you. My head couldn't get around it at all and I found it boring. But maybe uf I was younger and could just plug through without thinking about it I might have liked it better. Who knows

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