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Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
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Apr 27, 2012

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bookshelves: shapeshifter, erotica, romance

Overall: A surprisingly meaty story with a good plot, snappy pacing, good world building and likable characters makes this an enjoyable read.

The Good:
I found myself surprisingly endeared to Dragos' overly protective, jealous demeanor. From the beginning it's noted that as a dragon, he is extremely territorial, and the book is written with no hesitation on following that character flaw. My approval of this behavior surprised me, as usually the hyper-alpha domineering sort coupled with a meeker heroine usually makes me irritable.

However, it's Dragos' himself who is aware of his instincts, and of Pia's discomfort, and he tries hard to please her in his not-quite-understanding-humans way of things. This makes him feel like a menacing looking hellhound dropping a mangled rabbit in your lap as a way of showing friendship. He is as helpless in the situation as she is, given he doesn't quite understand why he's acting so batshit crazy until later on. The internal conflict of her 'he'll tire of me' and his 'mine! mine! mine!' was amusing as a reader.

Seriously, whenever he said anything along the lines of 'mine' I immediately heard his voice as the gulls in Finding Nemo. It made me laugh at inappropriate moments within the book.

Worldbuilding was interesting with enough to work with. Pocket dimensions for magical folk, elves, goblins, gryphons(which I see far to little of!) and even harpies(!!!). I look forward to seeing more of what comes out of this series.

The Bad:
Pia is not a strong character, she's talented, pretty, and relatively resourceful, but faced with the incredibly powerful Dragos she didn't quite hold her own. Sure she had her witty comebacks, and could talk him down from his rages, but there was something too soft in her demeanor. However, it's still well within the characterizations of the book, and while I should applaud the author for being amazingly true to her character's personalities, this is a personal quibble that didn't have an effect on my review.

The Ugly:
The name brands. If there was one thing I was really beginning to hate in the book, it was all the Tiffany, Saks, Evian/Perrier, Cosmopolitan, artworks drops. It felt like I was watching an overzealous marketer dropping every name they could think of. At first it didn't bother me, it was setting up the fact that he was disgustingly rich, but it started to become annoying when it only got worse. I understand the appeal of waving the brand names around going "look how these are all expensive brands! He's getting her only the best!" By the end I was begging for the 'white Armani silk shirt' to be just a simple 'white silk shirt'. He's rich. I get it.

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