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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
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Apr 27, 2012

it was ok

This is one of the more difficult books to review.

I've never read a Nalini Singh before, and knew nothing about this series. I requested it through the library for my kindle simply based on the, ahem, charms of its cover, its description, and the overwhelmingly glowing reviews here on goodreads. But therein lies the problem.

Coming in as a newbie, there were significant plot points that were just impossible to understand. Clearly, this is a book you need to have read the first nine books in order to appreciate.

Which is a shame. There were parts of this story that I loved. Simply loved. The heat, passion and romance shared by Hawke and Sienna was intense and I couldn't get enough of their relationship. I just wish I could have understood what the rest of the book was about. The author makes a half-hearted effort in the beginning to try and explain things, but I never did really, truly understand what a "Psy" was (and considering Sienna is a Psy, this a pretty huge thing to not understand), or what was going on in the world that led to a big battle. I'd say more than half of the book was just lost on me.

For fans of the series, I'm certain this was a sizzling five-star read. But if you don't know anything other than "hot man/alpha werewolf" going into the book, it just fizzles. And if there is one pet peeve of mine, its when books in a series don't stand on their own.

Sigh. A big SIGH.

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