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Ever Shade by Alexia Purdy
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Apr 27, 2012

it was ok
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I did not enjoy this book nearly as much as I had hoped to. That being said, I know that many people really did, and there were some things that were quite nice about the book.


Plot/ Concept
Gotta love a faerie book, especially something with under-appreciated halflings who are going to learn their worth even as they save the day. Well, singular halfling, but still. I also loved the different types of fae and domains and the beginning power information that was set up involving the various groups. It was clear that some effort and creativity was put into the planning stages of the novel.

The book was quick; it was something that could be picked up and put down, and finished with ease. It was nice for a "light" read because of this. Also, despite the various tidbits of world-building (referenced above) the plot was incredibly easy to follow.


Writing Style
I did not enjoy the writing of this book at all. It was very choppy, and this was in addition to the almost expected missing words and grammar errors that so many newer books have. A whole paragraph would be spent to describe some small detail, which wouldn't have been a problem if the paragraph didn't consist of basic synonyms and frequent repetition. Pains were clearly taken to create the world, but I found the descriptions distracting and jarring: I was never able to get into the story because I found too much to complain about concerning the writing.

Development/ Characterization
The exact opposite of my annoyance with the descriptive writing, I felt that the time spent on developing characters was insufficient. Shade had many companions but few if any existed beyond the things you were told they were. You didn't see someone acting in a particular way, you were told that they did. Characters "existed" in the background; readers had to simply assume that Shade/the narrator was aptly portraying them. What was most irritating was the fact that Shade could meet someone and within moments the newbie would spew out intimate details about his/her life without the slightest reservation. I lost count of how many characters just put everything about themselves, their home, their goals and aspirations, their sex life (...), etc. out there for Shade to instantly know. It couldn't have been because she was likable, because she certainly wasn't. She was a whiny, mostly stupid brat. Maybe they were trying to stave off the avalanche of questions that came out of Shade's mouth each time she talked? It was never less than two, and oftentimes four or five. Every time. I got the feeling that maybe the characters told Shade what the author wanted readers to know - the rich background of that carefully crafted world - or at least glimpses of it. However, despite the potential, the delivery lacked any semblance of verisimilitude.

Overall, it wasn't my cup of tea. The story was interesting, and I wanted to know where a few of the characters were going, but I wasn't really compelled by it. Still, the book was entertaining, and the writing style has been praised by other reviewers, so I do recommend that new readers give it a try and not take my word for it.

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