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Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance
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Apr 27, 2012

really liked it
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Read from May 26 to 27, 2012 — I own a copy

So I'm finally reading the Cassie Palmer spin-off and really enjoyed this first book.

Dory is pretty badass. She sure has a mouth on her, too. Not to mention her issues with her family. I don't really blame her for them, though. It doesn't seem like she's ever had cause to feel that she was wanted or loved. Even with what Mircea says at the end. I want to believe he's being genuine there, but like Dory, after centuries of feeling like the black sheep of the family, it's not exactly easy to accept that Mircea always loved her and was proud of her.

Same goes for Louis-Cesare. I'd forgotten how Mircea and Cassie changed his past when they went back in time to save Radu and ended up in Louis-Cesare's and that other woman's bodies. I'd completely forgotten that Louis-Cesare hadn't had the best past, too since we don't see him in the main series again after the first book. It also made me forget how hot he was. Damn, that guy and Dory have some serious chemistry. The scenes where they kissed and then that scene when they were in bed? Whoa! *fans self* My favorite Louis-Cesare line: "I am possessed by an angel with ridiculous hair, flashing eyes and the devil's mouth."

It was pretty awesome how Karen Chance tied in the story with Dory's missing roomie Claire and the hunt for Dracula. I can't believe how that all turned out, though. Dory was so worried and all that time, Claire was barely in danger. And along came Caedmon. I'm sure he will be trying to sleep with Dory whenever he gets the chance, though I don't see him succeeding unless Louis-Cesare refuses to step up even though he and Dory seem to REALLY like each other. I now have two other favorite characters from this series as well. Stinky and Olga. Those two are crazy awesome.

I honestly couldn't blame Dory for her refusal to take on the assignment. I wouldn't have wanted to, either after everything she went through the last time. Especially since Louis-Cesare sure seemed to not want a damned thing to do with her in the beginning. Hell, right from the beginning that mission was going on. She was getting attacked by unknown fae, Drac killed her back-up before they ever reached her, then that damned Black Circle showed up trying to snatch Louis-Cesare and everything just kept going straight to hell. At least I got to see Marlowe, even if Dory did elbow him in the balls. And for Louis-Cesare's sake, I do hope Jonathon is really dead, but I wouldn't be surprised if somehow he wasn't.

I wonder if Dory will ever find out about Cassie and that it's basically Cassie's fault that Drac was let loose. I know that at some point in the main series, Cassie thinks Dory is Mircea's mistress, but don't remember if he told her that Dory is actually his daughter. He might have. I'm going to have re-read the main series soon. So much that I've forgotten. I'm looking forward to the next mission of insanity with Dory and Louis-Cesare. I wouldn't mind seeing Radu's silly ass again, either.
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