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Bound by Donna Jo Napoli
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Apr 26, 2012

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I am always a fan of fairytale and with a good spin off I am so there! This book was an in between for me. Not only was it a quick read, all in one day, but it kept me intrigued. DJ Napoli has amazing writing and I will give that to her hands down. It was fantastically written it just wasn't one of my favorites. I think the way she portrayed the binding of the feet, I felt like I was there. The different aspects of the Chinese culture was dead on it felt like-but this is coming from a white girl. She was able to twist the fairytale and the culture together to make a great book. The ending was adorable with the prince and Xing Xing, cheesy but perfect ending.


Violence: 1/5 There are two scenes that are quite graphic, the binding of the feet and the murder of a "devil raccoon." It isn't enough to put the book down or disregard it, just be aware the writing is that good, you'll feel like you are there.

Drugs: 0/5 There weren't any drug references that I picked up on that would affect the reading.

Sex: 1/5 There are references of a possible rape and a women is sold off. The woman are seen only as sex, the words "sexy" are used in the book to talk about binding of the feet and the walking that results to it.

Alcohol: 0/5 There are no references to alcohol written in this book.

Language: 0/5 No bad languages definitely a younger audience would be able to read this.

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Catlin Frey The book gives the sense of reality, as of actually being literally there with Xing Xing on her adventures and her journey. I would not exactly say the book is too graphic for people in middle school and early high scholars, albeit there is a little bestiality, sexual related constant, and gruesomeness. Not enough to make you put the book down because it has inappropriate content that should not be seen or read by teenage child. The Writer's acute attention to detail made the book very believable as though the book wasn't even fiction. For example, the binding of the feet, stepmother bound Wei Pings feet very late so her feet were considered already big for that period of time, where small feet were expressed as a very attractive trait that men looked for in a women.
The fusion between culture and fairytale makes it a all-embracing book. That puts you in a trance once you pick it up, making you not want to put it down.
Language is not inappropriate for any age.
Drugs and Alcohol are not referenced in the book.
Sexual Content appears in the book during Xing Xing's trip to the doctor on her cart with the strange man, who wants to "share a meal with her".
Violence and gruesomeness occurs in the book when stepmother uses the cleaver on Wei Pings feet.

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