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Intuition by Jayne Fordham
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Apr 26, 2012

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I loved the premise of this story: Interesting characters with new-found psychic abilities are recruited by a mysterious covert agency. Their mission: To stop a terrorist. Or so they believe. I'll leave it at that, in the interest of not revealing spoilers.

Fordham's main challenge in this book is building the credibility of her characters. The team is headed by two mature men, but the new recruits are barely old enough to drink. They certainly live the lifestyle people of this age often enjoy, complete with hangovers the next day. Now, probably for the first time in their lives, these characters are faced with harsh reality and life and death situations. Fordham is tasked with convincing readers that a government counter-terrorist unit would need to rely on this group of misfits to handle an issue of national security.

As a psychologist just starting out, Olive is confused about why they'd choose her, until she learns it's the entire team's special abilities the organization is really after. Relieved to know she's not the only one with a strange gift, and eager to get to know others similar, she agrees to help.

Due to a plot twist the new recruits are all the same age. They're immature and often unprofessional. Differing life experiences gave each unique outlooks, but not enough for them to approach their mission with the seriousness it requires. Needless to say, this gets them into hot water more than once. As a reader, this immaturity frustrated me at times, however, I believe this may just be a plot device used by the author.

Fordham wove twist after twist through plenty of action. She spent a lot of time telling me how the characters reacted instead of showing me, and I felt the momentum suffered because it. Without the opportunity to get inside their heads and figure these kids out for myself, I had some difficulty making an emotional connection to the characters.

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