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Deadly Accusations by Debra Purdy Kong
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Apr 26, 2012

it was amazing

Deadly Accusations
Author: Debra Purdy Kong

When can’t two headstrong women work together at the same job? When can two women want to rip each other’s faces off and not even be in the same room no matter how hard one tries to be a professional and the other is not only unprofessional, comes on to the other woman’s boyfriend and acts in a violent manner while trying to protect passengers on a bus. I guess the answer to that will be told in my review of Deadly Accusations by author Debra Purdy Kong.

Jasmine Birch and Casey Holland are both transit cops. Casey is the more experienced of the two and often gets many undercover assignments. When a group of teens begin terrorizing each other and passengers on the M10 bus something has to be done to stop them. The friction between these two women is as shocking and sharp as static electricity. After what should have been a routine run on the bus to try and calm a volatile situation things get out of hand, one young teen gets slapped by Jasmine and Casey takes the lead but there is much more to come.

Casey is the legal guardian of a teen named Summer who adds to the story and the suspense. When Summer is having too much fun one evening and Casey is out on the M6 Line hoping to stop the rock thrower from breaking any more windows on the bus, a phone call about Summer interrupts her train of thought and slows her pursuit of the perpetrator resulting in more insults about her being not the right person for the job from the bus driver who does not seem able to do anything but criticize her and defend Jasmine for her poor conduct. Just why is everyone so bent on Jasmine and what about her makes the mechanic, the bus driver and even Lou, her boyfriend so defensive of her?

Jasmine might not have been Casey’s favorite person but what happens next would not only startle her but bring to light many reflections others have regarding Jasmine. What happens when two women cannot get along and they strike out at one another? How do they get along? They don’t if one is killed. Jasmine was waiting to pick up her son from school when she was shot in the head while waiting for him to come out. Another employee was called and what she recounts to Casey is bone chilling and the opinions of many other co-workers are in definitely conflict with hers. So, what was Jasmine hiding and why did she dislike Casey so much and why did others see her as a good mother, great friend and much more?

As the investigation begins and members of the staff of her company are questioned Casey begins to wonder just what Jasmine was hiding, why she disliked her and why some found her almost endearing. Going over to speak with a colleague and being forced to take some of her pets, she meets the landlord and learns that she is not the only one with animosity towards Jasmine.

Although Casey is a strong investigator and smart she hesitates when asked to learn more about Jasmine’s death as that might place not only her but Summer too. Bullied or just feeling guilty or that Jasmine deserves her killer found, Casey decides to investigate and what she finds out will definitely surprise the reader and Casey too. While trying to learn more about Jasmine’s ex-husband she realizes that Lou has shared many important moments with the deceased too and knows more about her than she realized. Could that explain why she made sure she looked her best when she confronted Noel who is the prime suspect for the police and one reason she is working the case? Marie seems headstrong, often doesn’t think past what she believes and never seems to consider the feelings of others when asking for help or trying make others feel guilty. When Casey speaks with Noel she learns more about Jasmine and her past, which convinces her to investigate further.

Another incident on the M10 puts Casey in more danger and the situation does not end well for her or even the kids on the bus. Confrontations at home with Summer and a threat to her life and family will that stop her cold? Words fly, tempers flare and truths come out and one young 12 year old is caught in the crossfire. Will Casey remain on the case or will she let someone else solve it? Just how far will the killer go to threaten anyone involved in finding him/her? Just what will happen to Summer if her grandmother has any power?

When the past comes face to face with the present and the suspects add up just who killed Jasmine, shot at the bus and is throwing rocks that could harm the passengers? What role does Jasmine’s family have in this plot and her ex-husband? Which one of her friends is telling the truth and which are out for their own good? Just how dangerous is Marie even if she might not be the killer?


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