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I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight by Margaret Cho
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Apr 25, 2012

did not like it
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Read in April, 2012

This was so disappointing on so many levels which made me even more disappointing as Margaret Cho is usually so funny!

I listened to this while on a road trip and was expecting to laugh my ass off at her comical takes on life, reflections on our culture, and anecdotes of her own crazy life. Instead I got a mean spirited, ranty, poorly supported scolding on various reasons on why she hates everything - namely white people, republicans, and men.

Every thing she was angry at was went like this...anecdote about how a white person, republican, or man (or sometimes all 3!) insulted, offended, or persecuted her except this anecdote lacked any detail that you could actually google to know what the hell she was actually talking about. Then she went on to insult those who insulted her. Finally she concluded with complaints as to why people never asked her opinion on things like what happened to her, and concludes that they must not care because she is a Asian, liberal, lesbian woman. And if they don't want her opinion they are either racist,a radical republican, homophobic or misogynistic - or all of the above.

Maybe no one asks your opinions because you just get pissed off and yell at people and insult them instead of fighting their argument with rational, well though out rebuttals.

For instance she goes on and on and ON about George Bush 2, talking about what an idiot he is overall, but without every address specific events, ideas, etc and refuting them. He is just an idiot to her, and she expects that to be enough of a justification for calling someone an idiot. To be fair, a lot of people think Bush 2 was an idiot, but the point is anyone else you would have to justify your personal reasons for thinking someone was an idiot - unless you Cho and then it is apparently her right because she is an Asian, liberal, lesbian woman that is always prejudiced against. And that gives you the right to insult everyone in return instead of rising above and being the better person.

All in all, this was crap. I thought it would be funny, insightful, and a great hour during my road trip but instead I was super pissed by the end of it, and felt offended, and patronized.

Oh, while related but did not bother me near as much as the content - the way she read this book sounded like she was reading a dictionary. These are her own thoughts and words, but they sounded completely forced and foreign to her. I don't see how someone who is so completely used to getting up and talking in front of arena's of people and make them laugh could read her own words and sound so totally wooden and stiff.
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