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Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Apr 25, 2012

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bookshelves: ilovethecoveromg, predictable, reaallly-gooood

Actual rating: 3.5 stars

You start reading this book, thinking it’s gonna be another Cinderella story. Even the name “Cinder” reminds you of Cinderella but make no mistake and think this is just a fairy-tale with a happy ending. It has a step-mother and a step-sister who hate Cinder. It has Prince and an empire but the plot is way more intense and filled with fiction and there is a ball and there is not a lost shoe this time, but a lost foot.

**spoilers ahead
Cinder is a cyborg, and she wasn’t like this always. The story’s set-up is dystopian. It has been 126 years since World War IV. Beijing had been left in rumbles after the war but a treaty was signed and the Eastern Collaboration was formed. Technology is quite advanced. Moon referred as Luna in this book is another country/planet (Oh yeah, it’s a satellite but some people in this book believed it to be a planet *scoffs*) ruled by a Queen who is a tyrant and a ruthless one. She is known for killing her husband, the then Queen, her niece who could de-throne her in the future. The people living in the Moon are no longer humans although they started like that and can control the bio-chemical energy that a human produces. Lunars can glamour themselves and make themselves look whatever the hell they want basically. They can compel humans/Eartheans to do anything according to their will and can fill their heads with thoughts and fears. The Lunar Queen wants to rule over Earth and she has decided to sign a peace treaty only if the Emperor of the new collaboration, New Beijing would marry her and make her empress. The world has been struck by a new type of virus/disease called Letumosis whose carriers are believed to be Lunars who have flown to Earth and are living as fugitives because they want to escape Queen’s tyranny. Also, a few Lunars who can’t be influenced by the Queen’s compulsion are called shells and are the ones that mainly became fugitives because they are executed in Luna. So Letumosis kills any human under a week and is highly contagious and incurable. The current Emperor Rikan catches it and Prince Kai is now to become the Emperor. It is the perfect time for the Queen to come to Earth and go ahead with her plans. Kai is desperate and wants to hold on to the rumors that Princess Selene, the Queen’s niece is still alive and in hiding. Princess Selene is the only one who can overthrow the Queen. So this is basically the main plot.

Now I’m going to get it straight out here. Cinder is the Princess everyone thinks is dead. It was quite obvious and I had guessed it by the 13th chapter. There were a few instances later that made me question my intuition but they weren’t very strong and I was quite convinced that I had guessed the main secret of the book. But hey, it wasn’t really a secret and was only made out to be so. Cinder is a cyborg and is approximately 36% machine. She is mistreated by Adri, her step-mother who is her legal owner and Pearl, her step-sister. Peony, the younger step-sister is different. She loves Cinder and Cinder loves her back. Cinder can’t cry and Cinder can’t blush but Cinder does have feelings. Peony somehow catches the virus and Cinder blames herself for this. Adri in her fury sends or well throws out Cinder to the medical team so that experiments can be run on her and an anti-dote can be found. The doctor in charge finds out that Cinder is immune and then runs more tests on her that makes Cinder realize that she is a Lunar and that she doesn’t really know anything about her previous life. Cinder later finds out that her step-father had devised a chip for her that made her not use her Lunar powers. Among all of this, Kai and Cinder keep coming across each other because of Kai’s android Nainsi that holds secrets to finding Princess Selene. Nainsi abruptly stopped working and Cinder later finds out with the help of Iko, her android (who was one of my favorite characters and I was so sad to see her get dismantled and I hope she comes back in the second book) that a Lunar chip had been attached to it that stopped the Droid. Queen has a bargaining chip that would ensure that Kai marry her. She has developed the antidote and it cannot be duplicated because one of its components is found in Moon itself. Cinder had made Dr. Erland promise her that he would treat her sister if he found the cure. Even though the doctor keeps his promise Peony doesn’t make it.

Oh God, why am I narrating the whole story? Anyways, Cinder was smart, a mechanic, sarcastic, witty and I really liked her. Kai was also sweet, intelligent, wise and witty and I liked him too. I hated Adri and Pearl more than I hated the Queen. I really liked Dr. Erland and the fact that he was a Lunar wasn’t really surprising. The ball and the entrance of Cinder were amazing! It couldn’t have been better. I liked how the whole thing played out in the end. Kai knowing about Cinder’s true-self the way he did, him rejecting Queen Levena, Queen’s finding out about Cinder’s true identity too. It was all dramatic and well put. I thought Peony would survive but she didn’t. Told you, not a fairy tale with a happy ending. This book was predictable in some ways yet I really enjoyed it. I can’t come around the fact that I have to wait a year for the sequel. It just isn’t fair. This book was 3.5 stars for me.
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