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Bitter Melon by Cara Chow
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Apr 25, 2012

really liked it
Read from April 25 to May 01, 2012

Frances Ching Fei Ting is rather an intelligent girl. Despite all her As and all her flying colours achievement, she never got any satisfactory smiles or encouragement from her mother. Her mother always compares her to Theresa, a daughter of her best friend. At first Frances hate Theresa. But after Theresa saves her from encountering humiliation, she decided that Theresa is actually not bad at all as she thought she would be.

Frances is quite puzzle when her calculus teacher thought her Speech. She then, figure out that she actually enter the wrong room. She intended to correct her class but something urges her to stay. She found out that she actually have a talent in speech. Ms. Taylor convinces her to stay. Frances reluctantly agreed, not knowing the string of problems she is making.

I am actually quite terrified of Frances's mom and of Frances herself. Her mother is to aggressive and Frances is on the verge of breaking down. I feel sorry for Frances's mom, though i know what she did is wrong too. If I were Frances, I don't think I can do all that. Frances is getting self-conscious from the pestering of her mom and from Derek too. I am quite glad that finally Frances dare to say no to her mom.
I find it hard to believe Derek. He left his beautiful girlfriend to be with Frances. I think their relationship is quite abrupt and so are the ending. I don't know what happen to them when they went to universities. Derek went to Oxford while Frances went to Scripps against her mother's protests. I actually don't know whether to feel sorry or not for her mother but I guess you can't really hold a flying bird in your hand forever.

Overall, I enjoy reading this book. The ending is quite a relieve though. When I turn to the next page I was full of expectations. But what I see on the next page is the Acknowledgement. I wanted to know more!!

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