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Deadly Storm by Richard Castle
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Apr 25, 2012

it was ok

Ok, this is a tricky one. Overall, I didn't like it....but I did. So, bias on the table; I do love the show Castle and Kelly Sue DeConnick's script manages to make Derrick Storm sound like his fictional creator. The art, in places, seems to try and make him look like Nathan Fillion. That doesn't work so well. The art is the main problem here but I struggle to explain why. There is just something missing. It's not quite there in a way that makes you look at a page and think 'More could be going on to make this clearer'. Credit though to Tom Raney & Dan Green who pencil and ink pages 73 to 82 as that is the clearest bit in the whole book.
In a couple of places it feels like there were word balloons missing or some strange editing had gone on as the dialogue didn't flow right (Storm's first face to face with Clara Strike for example) and that jumped me out of the story.

But the thing I penalise it for the most is the bit at the end. No, not the end of the story (which was an enjoyable pseudo Bond romp) but the back matter. The plot summaries of the other fictional Derrick Storm novels seem to indicate that the ending I'd just read was false. Perhaps this was done to pique my curiosity for the next novel. It didn't work. I just felt that I'd been 'lied' to about the ending or that the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing with regards to the arc of the fictional series. For me, it was a bad call.

By and large, readable but I wish Kelly Sue had been given a better art team to make this live
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