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Ascend by Amanda Hocking
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Apr 25, 2012

liked it

--This Review Contains Spoilers--

Switched, Torn, and Ascend were some great books and an overall enjoyable read. I still liked the first book best, though Ascend trumps Torn. Torn, to me, was unnecessary. I felt there was no character development. Whereas Ascend does have a lot of changes, especially if you read the edition with the bonus story. (shown above)

I read the book, finished everything, and still found myself sad that Wendy didn't end up with Finn. Loki was nice, of course, but I didn't feel like I knew him. Finn, on the other hand, was such a big part of the first book...It's just kind of sad. Bittersweet. (As described in the book.) I don't know how Wendy jumped from Finn to Loki so abruptly, or even how Hocking did.

I don't know if I liked the characters so grown up. I mean, Wendy got married, for Pete's sake! I feel some of the characters took a backseat in the story as well. Finn, definitely, along with Rhys. I mean, whatever happened to Wendy getting in trouble because Rhys slept in her room? To Wendy sneaking around with Finn and saying she loved him? To Elora being cold? To Finn dancing with Wendy at her school? To sneaking in her bedroom? To Matt driving her around? To visiting her mother in the hospital?

I guess what I'm missing through this book and Torn was the overall innocence of the characters. They just changed so much. And I know they're supposed to. But I felt like we didn't get to see them change...not like with other books. We weren't there for most of it. Even though we kind of were.

I think Hocking made a mistake in writing a sequel...and then turning it into a trilogy. The first book was spectacular. I loved it. I couldn't put it down. I thought, when reading the next two, they'd be similar. The introduction to the Vittra in book two was far too sudden--it didn't give you time to process anything. Wendy's whirlwind romance was Loki was a bit much.

I just wish she would have ended up with Finn, never gotten married, Elora would be alive, and they would have solved everything peacefully with the Vittra. If those three main plots would have been used, there still could have been a lot of character growth and development in between.

Overall, if I was Hocking, I would have never introduced Loki. He'd not exist. Wendy would have, of course, ended up with Finn...so on and so forth. I think her biggest mistake was that. We ended the first book somehow expecting her to go back with Finn, because they loved each other. And then she just decided to change it around. That's what threw me, more than anything.

Oh, and the overuse of the word "epic" in this book was kind of annoying.

Originally, I had given this four stars, but I've pretty much talked myself into three. I do wish the outcome of these books--and Wendy's life in general--might have been different. Maybe she didn't have to be queen. Maybe Willa would have stepped up. Then Wendy would retreat into her human life with Finn and be happy. I can imagine that.

Switched beats all. Torn was pretty bad. And Ascend...well, it didn't tie up any loose ends, at least not for me.

Sometimes, you just need one book to make an impact. I think, in this case, that would have been best.

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10.12% "I'm liking this so far! Much better than book 2. :) I feel like Loki maybe shoulda been introduced in the first book--because I have very mixed feelings on him. He's not really a character you feel like you know, like Finn. But Hocking dropped Finn so I'm thinking Loki was her replacement, maybe last-minute. Anyways, it's good so far!"
April 26, 2012 –
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27.61% "I just had to update and say....the morning after chapter was HILARIOUS!! I do wish she and Tove loved each other, but whatever. Loki coming in was hilarious, and I could barely hold back laughing when Finn came in. ;D"
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