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Pretties by Scott Westerfeld
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Sep 02, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: sci-fi, 5-stars, favorite-authors, dystopia-utopia

** spoiler alert ** Love, Love, Love!!! I totally love it. And here are some of my coments:

You learn more about the "Rusties" in this one. It was kind of creepy. They refer to us as stupid....Maybe we are. I mean look at what we are doing to the planet that we live on. We are killing the planet. And you know what they say, that there is going to be more and more of us in the future. And she said that the oil thing, killing most of the "Rusties", saved the planet. Well, I don't like the "killing most of the popuation" part, but if you don't find some way to control the popuation and how we use our resoures, then we are all (or most) are going to DIE!!!! And I don't side with the Specials with the controling everyone and giving everyone brain damage. And I don't side with Tally completely ethier. I want a mix of both. Control popuation, simi-set lives, and stuff like that. I want to be bubbly and pretty if you know what I mean.

And OMG!!! Talk about a love triangle!!!!! Zane and Daivd! Wow, I feel so sorry for Tally. I mean having a love triangle and dealing with what she did being ugly and what she did being pretty. I mean Tally has some major problems to sort out. I don't want to be her. Well, I guess if you can do all the things she did than you a deal with these problems.

I didn't want her to brake-up with Daivd, though. I mean, he was there FIRST and he wanted to go to Tally but he couldn't. So step off Zane. Daivd was first.

So that is my coment for Petties. If you want to hear more of my coments on Tally's world well then just wait 'til the next review. Which is for Specials. Stay bubbly! Bye!!
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You mean, Rusties? lol.

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