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Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 1 by Bisco Hatori
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Apr 24, 2012

it was amazing

OMG! This book is a laugh riot! The artwork is first rate, and I love the background detailing!
I wasn't sure at first that I would like this one. I probably would have gotten a bigger laugh out of it if I hadn't known ahead of time that Haruhi was a girl. For the first part of the story I kept waiting for the other guys in the club to find out and it kinda made the story seem to drag out at that point for me. But after that point I really enjoyed it. It was funny. There were tons of tongue-in-cheek jokes. I loved how all the girls loved Haruhi and thought she was a guy. The fact that then Tamaki becomes obsessed with seeing Haruhi as a girl, but at the same time he needs to keep her looking like a guy, so that she can work off the money she owes for the vase. Tamaki himself is hysterical! He is sooo overly dramatic and self-absorbed. But since he is kind of oblivious to his own faults he just ends up being really funny. I laughed so much while reading this. All the boys were funny not just Tamaki. Hikaru and Kaoru, the twins, and how they are so close to each other and use it as their gimmick to win over their girl clients. The relationship between Hunny and Mori is adorable. Kyoya is kind of stand offish and very strict with his outlook on how the club should be run and keeping everything in order.
I loved how even though the boys are completely living in their own little rich world they still care enough that they want to help out other students find their loves. For example the way they set up Kanako and Toru.
I also found it amusing how they reacted to Haruhi's commoner coffee and Raman. It was really funny.
They authors side notes were really fun to read to, and I loved some of the extras at the end. Although I have to ask, what is up with knowing everyone's blood types? What does that have to do with anything? This isn't the first time it's been made a big deal of. I've noticed it in other Manga's I've read recently. Any info on that one would be great!.
If your looking for an amazingly well drawn, as well as funny new series to pick up, may I definitely recommend this one!
I'm eagerly waiting to get my hands on volume two!
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Cali The blood type thing is because in Japanese culture it is believed that a person's blood type helps to determine their personality, similar to zodiacs/horoscopes

Aimeekay Cali wrote: "The blood type thing is because in Japanese culture it is believed that a person's blood type helps to determine their personality, similar to zodiacs/horoscopes"

Thank you! I've been wondering that for a while since I've seen it in many different Mangas! :)

message 3: by Yue (new) - rated it 3 stars

Yue hahaha I was wondering about that too, thanks Cali!

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