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The Kid by Sapphire
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Apr 24, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** I really wanted to love this book. Push had a huge effect on me, so my expectations were higher than they maybe should have been. I liked the idea that we are getting the perspective of Precious' son, that part felt real to me. People die from HIV complications, and Sapphire isn't about happy endings. However, reading the narrative of someone having delusions is hard. The last part of the book was especially difficult and I'm not entirely sure how it ended.

Besides the confusion created by the delusions, I was also confused by the large gaps in time. How did he meet herd? How did he leave his great-grandmothers? I enjoyed that some of the characters from Push were back but they didn't really act the way I would have expected them too. These women went so out of their way to help Precious, it is hard to believe they would just turn her son over to social services without ever checking up on him.

I did enjoy the reality of the book. This is something I think Sapphire is really good at. It can be a hard read but it never feels like it's just there for shock value. The uselessness of the social worker was interesting to read as someone starting a career in social work. What the hell do you do in that situation? I understood her excitement at figuring out all the shit about his past, but I also understood why he couldn't give a fuck about it, at least at that moment.

I wouldn't recommend the book for most people. Perhaps for lovers of Push who just have to know what comes next, or people who believe that social services is a perfect system that never makes mistakes. Otherwise I would suggest a re-read of Push.
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