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The Legend of Mickey Tussler by Frank Nappi
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Apr 23, 2012

it was amazing

Frank Nappi's The Legend of Mickey Tussler discusses the adversities faced by Mickey Tussler with his life at home in Indiana and with a minor league baseball team, The Brewers. Since Mickey Tussler has a type of autism called Aspergers characters throughout the book believe that Mickey is not capable of doing things other kids his age can.
Some things you have to know before reading the book are about Aspergers and the effects of Aspergers. Asperger's is a form of autism which usually makes children who have it struggle in social situations. Life in Indiana was not the easiest for Mickey, along with his parents Clarence and Molly. Clarence, throughout the book, is very condescending and rude to both Mickey and Molly. Clarence believes Mickey cannot play baseball and calls Mickey a "retard" and other ruthless names. Molly is a very sweet amicable person who questions her relationship with Clarence periodically.
Mickey's life drastically changes when Arthur Murphy comes to Milwaukee looking for new players for his minor league baseball team, The Brewers. Once Murphy scrutinizes Mickey throwing apples Murphy is eager to have Mickey be a pitcher on the Brewers. Clarence automatically thinks Mickey can't play baseball but after talking and giving the Tusslers money, Clarence agrees to let Mickey play in Milwaukee.
When Mickey arrives in Milwaukee many players on the team and the owner of the team Dennison question Murphy's motives. Since Mickey has Aspergers and nobody knows except Murphy, everyone believes Mickey is alien. A few characters try and help and some hurt Mickey. First there is Pee Wee. Pee Wee is the shortstop on the Brewers and has suffered many adversities like Mickey. This made Mickey and Pee Wee become very close. Pee Wee always sticks up for Mickey and always encourages him. At one point when Mickey was playing the Brewers were doing an amazing job. However Lefty was not doing a good job. Lefty is another pitcher on the team who gets less appreciated when Mickey comes to the team. However, when Mickey has to sit out for a while, Lefty improves his game drastically and tries to make Mickey worse for his good. This ends up working to benefit him only really. Lefty was very pompous and believed the whole team was centered around him.
The novel had a potent effect on me. Primarily it shows how when you have a disability you can still do what others can do but you might have to try harder and practice more. Also, it affected me in the sense that when I see people with disabilities I now have a more of an open outlook to try and help them and I am less inclined to doubt them. The novel also makes you more sympathetic and makes you feel more empathetic to children with disabilities because you don't know what their life is like but in the novel you see a tiny way how their life is difficult. The Legend of Mickey Tussler also affected me because it made me see how lucky and how grateful I am to not have the family struggles Mickey has at home like an abusive father and a mother and father that do not get along that much.
When reading The Legend of Mickey Tussler there are many parts of the novel I enjoyed and many parts I wished were a little different. Some parts I enjoyed were the imagery shown and that you did not expect what was going to happen to happen. Some things that were challenging to me were the very rich and complex vocabulary and it is a little difficult to understand if you are not familiar with this vocabulary. Another thing I wish was changed was not so much baseball terminology because it is harder to understand if you are not familiar with it. Overall, this is an amazing book that makes you appreciative for what you have and how luck you are not to have a disability and have a rough home life.

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