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The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry
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Apr 23, 2012

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Lena Mattacascar (a pretty good character name if I do say so) is a girl that's been made to feel different all her life. She's different in her appearance with her oddly long fingers and feet and she's different in her self as she has a strong will and desire to be adventurous that most young ladies of her town do not. Set in the eerie Knoster, a town with secrets and fears of it's own as it boarders onto Scree where tales of Perculiars and criminals roam and work. It's here that Lena wishes to travel to and find her father who left her as a child and fear could hold answers as to her strange features and if she is half Perculiars.

Along the way to finding a safe passage to Scree Lena crosses path with Thomas Saltre, a Police Marshall with a vendetta against Perculiars and those that help them, Jimson Quiggley, a young charming man hired to work in a private library and shows kindness to Lena when most don't and Mr Beasley, a reclusive type that has a great mind for science and hires Jimson for his private library but could be hiding more than books in his large house.

The Peculiars was very fitting of it's title for me because I felt like it was a peculiar sort of storey and left me feeling unsure if I loved it or just felt a bit okay about it. I found the story an interesting idea and can see the potential for more books in the series and the meeting of history and the supernatural in a twisted Steampunk way was fun. However I didn't feel like I had one defining moment when I read it that made me utterly fall in love with it. I did enjoy it but I always felt like I was on the brink of falling in love with it but never quite getting there. I'm not sure if i've just ODed on historical and supernatural fiction recently and that's why just how I felt by the end of the story.

I loved the growing relationship between Jimson and Lena and how Lena was finding out who she really was but also learning that what you are or what people label you as doesn't mark you as a person. I found the scenes in the library beautiful because I have a real love for libraries in books; they make me feel a bit at home. Things that did make me feel a bit off about the story was how there seemed to be an answer for everything. Confused? Let me explain. When questioned about where Mr Beasley got his money there was a quick easy answer. When asked where certain characters disappear to or appeared from it was explained in a few sentences almost like you'd been told before but just weren't listening. Personally I found it a little annoying but it didn't happen too often that it made me stop reading or disliking the book overall.

I think if you like your historical mystery books, a bit of supernatural adventure and a hint of romance then The Perculiars is a good romp and the cover is stunning to have on the bookshelf.

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