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A Young Man in Search of Love by Isaac Bashevis Singer
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Apr 23, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: biography, writing, religion

I was writing the story; not the reality of the story. [Regarding foot story.]

P.10 his stories personified the pathos of the provincial...

P.13 narrator of human passion

P.18 In generation after generation people sacrificed their lives in battle, but nothing was ever realized. How did one become a writer in such a universal slaughterhouse? How could I write about love while millions of innocent creatures writhed in the clutches of slaughterers, hunters, and vivisectionists of every ilk.

P.19 Her hunger for love that I could never manage to satisfy.

(In stories such as these the women are made to be so unreasonable. Understandably it is highlighting that they are not meeting the needs of the man, but rather than being unreasonable, it presents to me how solid the disparity between the sexes, and a disparity without blame, though such arises in any romantic account. I can see clearly in reading that he needed rest, and how the woman's reaction based on insecurity and love is unappealing, but... There seems to be no allowance between us. ...Or maybe for women like that, who are women like me. But...I can't imagine that I ever will be full, therefore I will always be unreasonable or empty. )

P.34 I had stumbled upon a phrase: "split personality", and I applied this diagnosis to myself. This was precisely what I was--cloven [CLOVEN], torn, perhaps a single body with many souls each pulling in a different direction.

P.34 I had spotted the weaknesses in the famous philosophers and great writers yet I wrote things that emerged naive, awkward, amateurish.

P.39 Somewhere, I had heard or read the expression "the reappraisal of all values" and it was clear to me that this was what I had to do--reappraise all values. I could not rely on any authority.

P.87 Must people belong to a group and drag along all it's burdens of superstition and discrimination behind them?

P.110 As soon as two people met, one assumed the dominant role.

P.133 one complex fig

P.135 Since man is made in God's image, man could learn more about God by looking within himself, observing all his aspirations, yearnings, hopes, doubts.

P.139 A year hence, Marila will marry her fiance, the soldier stach, son of jan, and for me there also awaits somewhere an ovary and a womb that will give birth to my son or daughter. God is the sum total not only of all deeds but also of all the possibilities. Good night, heaven if you can, have mercy upon me.

P. 151 Everything man loves was created by the almighty. Even the heretics love god. If a fruit is good and you love it, then you love the creator of this fruit since He invested it with all it's flavor. And if someone is a lecher and lusts for females, it was the creator who bestowed them with their beauty and allure. The sage recognizes the source of all the good things and he lives that source. When the fruit rots, you no longer love it, and when the woman grows old and sickly, the lecher runs from her. The fool will not give any thought to where everything's tens from.

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