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Alpha by Rachel Vincent
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Apr 23, 2012

it was ok

The last book didn't really give a satisfaction end to the series. I felt like the ending was rushed and Vincent was too tired to come up with an epic battle at the end. No, not even the appearance of Keller and a new bear could redeem the ending.

With so much whining throughout the book about Faythe's screwed up relationship, you would have thought she would make a bloody decision (even if she decided to drop both of them, it's still a decision right?) to end the misery of both toms. If the author thinks that by showing the chosen tom's absence made an impact in Faythe's life through the other tom's observation, it shows that she is an idiot. I would have thought that with so many advises throughout the series (I actually liked the talk she had with her mother) from Vic, Dr Carver, her dad, her mom, Ethan or whoever knew about her relationship would knock some sense into her. It's just wasted time altogether when one of the 'loved' tom actually made the decision for her. Her dad's advise on'how if she can't make a decision between those two, how can she ever make one for the pride' was one of the closest advise she should listen to. Bad...stubborn kitten!

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