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The Preacher by Camilla Läckberg
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Apr 22, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: mystery-thriller, crime, drama

So I actually liked this second book better than the first one. I felt the intrigue and suspense was more intense, maybe because there was more pressure to find the killer and prevent another murder from happening, while in the first one the murder had already occurred and there was no indication of another one happening again. The alternating points of view of the victims in 1979 and 2003 really made the crimes all the more tragic because as readers we become involved with the girl's thoughts as they accept the painful reality of their death. I turned the page with dread every time I realized that there was a section break coming up, prefaced with the italicized text that signaled a glance into the victims' torturous confinement.

The surprise of who the murderer was was not quite as incredible as in the first novel for me, maybe because it's pretty much drilled into the readers' heads from the very beginning that there's something about that Hult family, isn't there?

My other thought on this book was that it completely neglected and ignored Erica's character. Sometimes, during scenes where Patrik's thoughts strayed to Erica or when they are together at home, I'd find myself thinking "Oh yeah, forgot Erica was somewhere in this book." Because really, she's as useless as a character can get. While scenes with her and those insufferable and unwanted relatives/friends who visited her and Patrik's home are mildly amusing, they are also very unnecessary and don't move the story along. I was confused, though, because when I began the series I thought both Patrik and Erica would be actively involved in the main plot of each book (murders, crimes, etc.), but I guess that's not the case? A little disappointing, I must say.

In spite of this, I really enjoyed the book and will definitely continue with the series just as soon as I can find the third one.

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