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Beyond Eden by Kele Moon
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Apr 22, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: overrated, romance-or-erotica
Read in April, 2012

I had come to this book b'c I was reading about the craze of that piece of pooh fanfic re-write, '50 Shades' which has shockingly taken the world by storm.

The newspaper article was ragging on it for being shit but most of all, not even really being BDSM. That article lead me to a USA list of book alternatives, this book being on the list & praised for having "so much depth".

They ended the article by saying that for the Gold Star in writing this genre, Joey W. Hill is unparalleled b'c her writing style has the amazing capacity for pulling the reader into the psychology behind it all. They even said that scholarly papers have been written about her writings & universities analyze her stories & style.

Since they mentioned Hill, I decided to give some of these on the list a go. I have been reading Hill for a bit now and had no idea her influence went that far but can't say I'm too surprised. That's what I love about her. Even the worst of Hill's books or shorts blow this out the water in terms of character development, authenticity and texture (I suggest reading her Nature of Desire and Knights of the Boardroom series if you really want to read this genre).

As for my actual thoughts on this? I thought it was actually pretty pointless, aside from there being no real plot and the narrative not making any sense ( i.e; lots telling but no showing, rushed pacing in areas that needed to be explored, simplistic writing which didn't trust the reader to draw their own conclusion), I am surprised at the high marks mainly due to the fact that the main character's (Paul, Evie & Danny) were so incredibly unlikable.

Their fundamental belief's are just twisted and lacking more than anything else, really kind of borderline sociopathic actually because they have no moral regard for others.

They were equal liars and betrayers – all of them. They manipulated, lived in denial, were weak willed and mean. For example; Danny is jealous of Paul's beard of a fiance. Every chance he gets he bullies & seduces Paul and then calls his fiance names like 'cunt'.

Now ah excuse me….Trish is actually quite decent and is doing nothing wrong. If anyone should be pointing the C finger it should be Danny at himself, Paul and Evie for all thinking nothing of it (on Trish's behalf) that they are all doing an Evie sandwich and then some on a daily basis. Is Trish cheating? No. Her crime is that she's 'vanilla' and doesn't have clue her fiance is a lying coward who is also a great actor so she trusts him.

And really, who could blame her? Who would imagine that even if your fiance was cheating…it was to the extent Paul has been since day one?

Please…this isn't a beautiful romance, it's fucked up people! Who can root for such fundamentally dishonest & abusive people? I don't mean abusive as in the BDSM, I've read & liked much harder core than this. That has nothing to do with it. In fact I thought that it was a poor excuse for representing that lifestyle.

The author marginalized her characters own lifestyle by having her character's consistently referring to it as purely a "fetish" or even better, discussing it in food terms (code speak) with one another even when no one else was around.

I know Paul had issues but at the same time he really didn't. What I mean is that the author didn't give his emotional turmoil any depth in order for his plight to resonate with me in order to give a crap. Not even in the slightest.

Instead he just came across like a weak, shallow horny toad who didn't give a crap about anyone else other than getting himself off.

No matter what the context of the story, I can't root for character's who are shallow & live in a world of denial esp. because I know the author truly doesn't 'see' what she's really portraying. She thinks she is writing a fairly hardcore ("dark") BDSM erotica story with angst in which ultimately love triumphs. Um no....get these characters to a therapist. Pronto. There's a lot of baggage they need to sort out in order to be truly decent human beings.

Horrendous portrayal. Utter tripe.
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