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Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros
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I usually don’t have a hard time writing a review. I mean I’m no author but the words flow and I am able to express how I felt while reading a book. If it was laughter, trepidation, even tears…the words pour out like a geyser. This is not the case with Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros. Don’t get me wrong…the book was AH-MAZE-ING but being able to capture all of that and put it on a page is a little daunting. But I’ll try.

Great and Precious Things is based in a small ghost town in Colorado. It’s called Alba. I looked it up. On a map. It wasn’t there but if it was…ROAD TRIP. Anywhoo, I digress. I know Ms. Yarros’ writing, so I was semi-prepared for emotion. The ones I mentioned earlier. They were there but so was…MORE. From the very beginning, Ms. Yarros ensnares the reader and begins the ascent. Think of a roller-coaster…up…up…up you go. You know there are twists and turns. You know there are ups and downs. You don’t know when they are coming but you have that flutter in your belly that you just want to throw your arms up and see where the ride goes.

On to the story. Honestly, you couldn’t dream of a better, more steadfastly loyal, loving leading character than Camden. I’m not going to talk about his physical character—geez, go read the book. I’m more interested in his heart. He is unwavering and unyielding. And he doesn’t give one flying fig. (Luckily he’s got the physicality to intimidate). He’s the embodiment of that “if you love something, let go...” saying. He will sacrifice himself with a smile. A bittersweet smile, but smile all the same. And he is the perfect match to Willow’s bruised and battered heart. They appear polar opposites: Cam is big and outwardly opposing. Willow is small and fragile looking. They are two sides of the same coin. Cam is the anchor in Willow’s world. He has the strength to steady her, but also the strength to pull her ‘out of her head’. I hope everybody has their own Camden in their lives.

It is my opinion that this book is a gentle reminder, a loving push, and an earnest nudge from the author to take heart: to be kind (to yourself and others), don’t feel stupid for loving (yourself and others), let the past stay in the past (for yourself and others), and move into the future happy and healthy (for yourself and others). It was just so... like watching the surf roll and ebb into the shore. It was gentle and sweet, angst-y and dramatic, and bittersweet and beautiful. It was a wonderful story. Like a day spent watching the shoreline, reading this book was a day well spent. Ms. Yarros' characters (Alexander, not Camden and Willow, sometimes Gideon) are substantial and real. They're people you can imagine knowing. You want to follow them and know their stories. You want to take your shoes off and walk along the shoreline of their world. This book gave equal measure to both the Hero and the Heroine. You could, figuratively speaking, pick up the pieces of the characters like picking up seashells. This story hurts in the best possible way. It’s like watching something so beautiful that it steals your breath away. Tears you didn’t know were falling run off your chin and puddle in that space your bra creates between your girls. That’s truly an un-awesome feeling. You catch your breath and read on because you know —you know what you’re really reading is actually happening. And it sucks. (Besides the wet spot in the middle of your chest ). You just can’t stop. It’s not the rubber-necking you do watching an accident where you can’t look away. It’s different. It’s because you were there in this really private moment of sheer beauty. It’s just fantastic that you got to be in the room while these intimate tender moments are happening between two people. You got to be there.

It’s a beautiful tribute to the love two people can share. It’s a beautiful tribute from the author to the reader—that she trusts you to get it. It’s a tribute to the power of the written word to reach across the most uncomfortable emotions and find beauty. So, here I am. I didn’t stop reading this story. And I have to change my bra. It’s an intensely emotional story. I recommend reading this book. Specifically, read it with your bra on. Goodness knows you don’t want your tears to puddle in the belly button. ;).
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